Changing needs bring new opportunities for marketing communications industry

There has been significant movement within the marketing communications industry particularly over the last year. The lines between agency and client expertise are blurring and this is opening up opportunities for personal and team development within the industry. Throughout one career, many of our industry's talents may cross between agency, corporate, freelancing and/or consulting.
Changing needs bring new opportunities for marketing communications industry

A number of interesting trends have been observed:

  1. The premium resource at ad agencies is now creativity. Previously the creation of brilliant ideas was regarded as a specialist skills area but now creative talent is also expected to provide meaningful strategic and media input whilst delivering excellent client service.
  2. Illustrating a solid understanding of broader business and marketing becomes even more important for those wanting to start their own businesses or break through to senior levels within their agency.
  3. Clients are including and developing more expertise in-house. As companies source specialist talent for in-house marketing teams, these talents need to be ready to adapt and perform within a corporate environment. Equally, brand and marketing managers are required to upskill in digital marketing and demonstrate an understanding of design, UI/UX, website, social media management as well as digital copywriting. In many cases executive assistants are now responsible for company websites and social media management.
  4. Middle-managers are given more and higher-level responsibilities, especially as a result of the recent Covid-pandemic. This highlights the need for acceleration in personal and interpersonal soft skills development.

These observations clearly indicate the urgent need to upskill in marketing skills as well as those skills that enable us to build strong long-term relationships within the industry.

As a result, AAA offers executive training short courses under four academies to upskill talent within the marketing communications industry across all levels of competence. Our courses incorporate knowledge, practically applied skills training and soft skills refinement to help our industry’s talent embrace these changing demands and make the most of the opportunities presented as a result. All our courses are taught by industry experts and delivered through live learning sessions.

There are two courses running in October/November 2020:

  • Marketing In-depth starts on 28 October 2020 and discusses digital marketing, brand management, media planning and bonus modules on insights and strategic planning.
  • Strategic Account Management starts on 27 October 2020 and puts the spotlight on refining the skills needed to win and retain clients, build strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders and how to deliver excellent client service.

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