The art and science of insights

Many of today's most successful companies have one thing in common - they are powered by insightful strategic thinkers and creative minds who have mastered both the art and the science of being customer-centric.

As we navigate the highly complex and unpredictable landscape of the world today, it has never been more important to master the three key I’s of Insight:

The art and science of insights

Insightfulness: the art of having an insightful mindset, approach and soft skills

Insights: the science of building an insightful knowledge base of your customer and translating this knowledge into actionable insights

Insights for impact: both art and science in applying insight to your strategy, customer journey and developing creative executions that connect with your target audience in a more meaningful, engaging and relevant way.

This unique and practical course is taught by an industry expert during live online lectures. Guiding you along your path of discovery is a toolkit with resources, including best practise examples, top tips by industry experts and templates to apply to your brand. The course creates the space for you to connect with like-minded professionals and discuss real business challenges, whilst also giving you the space to reflect and refine your own soft skills.

Insightful Marketing takes place from 1 September to the 22 September 2020. It is on offer at a 30% discount @ only R4,999. Spaces are limited, so visit our website to download the course outline and apply

Email for any questions/enquiries or to discuss group bookings.

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