Helm X Avon: Transforming beauty in the digital age

Helm helps worldwide beauty brand embrace digital solutions, as told by former Avon CMO Momin Hukamdad

In the digital era, a seamless online experience is not a luxury but a necessity. Avon South Africa recognised this imperative and partnered with Helm to embark on its transformative journey.

Former Avon Chief Marketing Officer Momin Hukamdad describes how it all started. “When we spoke to Helm, we loved their vision on Customer Experience, and we ourselves realised what we were missing – which we didn’t probably fully understand.”

Embracing Avon as more than a client, Helm became a part of the on-site team and crafted a digital transformation strategy, resulting in an intelligent customer experience that propelled Avon SA to a #1 international ranking. Its strategy, rooted in the principles of inspiring, enabling, and catalysing, seamlessly merged with Avon's vision.

Hukamdad talks about the thinking behind the vision – “How could we use digital technology to really create a community which is digitally empowered? That became the vision for Avon, and still is.”

By addressing the needs of both customers and beauty entrepreneurs, every aspect – from words to emails to strategies – was meticulously designed for a harmonious user experience. With UX-backed emailers, revamped digital brochures, informative blogs, and an intelligent assistant to sign up new reps, Avon SA now engages with a broader audience with a connected customer experience.

Was it successful?

The impact was truly transformative. A 46% surge in online revenue, securing Avon SA's top international ranking, and a remarkable 370k increase in emailer signups. Helm and Avon created a digital synergy, delivering shared value for the business, customers, and employees.

Watch the video above for more from Momin Hukamdad on the relationship between Avon and Helm, Africa’s customer experience innovation experts.

6 Mar 2024 09:49