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Lace Up for Cancer and the 10s join forces

The Lace Up for Cancer race was back in the Cape Town seaboard in 2024. Relaunched in 2023 in the Winelands, this popular race has been taken to another level of fun as the 10s come into the fold and incorporate the event into the 10s event which occured on Saturday, 3 February. Sponsored by Icon Oncology and Life Healthcare, and supported by the 10s, for each R5 on the ticket price, R4 goes to the Cancer Alliance and the Association of Palliative Care Centres (APCC).
Lace Up for Cancer and the 10s join forces

“The 10s are not only loaned us their infrastructure, but also allowed ticket buyers for Lace Up for Cancer to participate in the 10s event,” says Leigh Meinert, advocacy and operations manager of the APCC. “This gives so much added-value to participants, as they can listen to the live music, get food from the stalls and join in the festivities. In the past year our members cared for almost 20,000 people with cancer, with a focus on enabling best possible quality of life and supporting loved ones.

"APCC is a member of the Cancer Alliance and in collaboration with other members contributes to a nationwide network of palliative care, so the Lace Up for Cancer partnership is a logical one for us. With the 10s now enabling us to also offer participants all the additions of their event, our message of celebrating cancer survivors, remembering those that have gone, and supporting organisations that focus on cancer support, is taken to an even higher ‘live-life’ level.”

With the ticket prices at R250, which includes access to the Play Cape Town 10s event on the Saturday, and an orange cap (a bargain, as access to the 10s is R350). “We were well along the way on planning the 10s when we spoke to the APCC and Cancer Alliance,” says Gerhardi Odendaal, CEO of Old School Group and the 10s Series.

“Since we are an organisation that likes to focus on making people’s lives better, it was a natural extension of our event to offer to include Lace Up for Cancer in our race registration and ticketing platforms. Everyone has been touched in some way by cancer, whether directly or indirectly, and both organisations do such incredible work in supporting cancer patients and their loved ones. It is our honour that we can provide them with our support.”

Lace Up for Cancer and the 10s join forces

With the 10s lending their infrastructure, the remainder of the organisational costs are almost completely covered by the sponsors. “We proudly supported the relaunch of Lace Up for Cancer in 2023”, says Adam Pile CEO, of Life Healthcare – Southern Africa. “It was enlightening to see people’s committed participation in the race to create awareness around cancer and we immediately wanted to be involved again this year.

"We drive oncology care forward through our dedicated Life Oncology units, so that our patients can look forward to life’s moments. As part of our support network, we regularly work with both organisations, so to now include the 10s support on the organisational side means that more of our funds can go directly to the APCC and Cancer Alliance.”

This is the first year Icon Oncology, a leading provider of cancer care and oncology management services are on board. “We are excited to support APCC and Cancer Alliance, who are both strategic partners and support our purpose to give cancer patients the opportunity to live healthier lives. We invited everyone in Cape Town to help us to create a ‘sea of orange’ in support of World Cancer Day. Orange is the international colour of cancer, and this is why all race entrants will received an orange cap,” explains Dr Ernst Marais, COO of Icon Oncology.

Lace Up for Cancer and the 10s join forces

The Cancer Alliance has been involved in Lace Up for Cancer since its inception in 2015. Says Salomé Meyer, director of Cancer Alliance: “There are 40 non-profit members and advocates, all of whom collaborate under a common mandate, to improve equity and sustainable quality cancer care. The addition of the 10s to Lace Up for Cancer is massively appreciated. Our members were able to put up stalls in their space and to be part of both the Lace Up for Cancer and 10s events. This is a great milestone for us and will certainly go a long way to ensure sustainability.”

1 Feb 2024 14:18