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Tiger Brands Foundation launched Back to School campaign for 2024

Tiger Brands Foundation (TBF) has launched its Back-to-School campaign for 2024, an initiative that will see the donation of first aid kits and fire blankets to several schools as a means of promoting health and safety in the kitchen environment.
Tiger Brands Foundation launched Back to School campaign for 2024

“As part of the campaign, we have created and delivered new first aid kits and fire blankets for each school in the programme. These first aid kits and fire blankets will be delivered by our supply chain partner Nungu Marketing and Distribution, as part of the first stock deliveries of 2024 to schools,” explains Karl Muller, operations manager at TBF.

He adds that a total of 97 schools are involved in the campaign which aims to assist schools that either have incomplete first aid kits or have no first aid kits and fire blankets at all. The first aid kits and blankets are specifically for use in the kitchens which are used to prepare TBF’s in-school breakfast meals to ensure the safety of the food handlers. TBF previously supplied safety posters for a similar campaign.

“The Back-to-School campaign will run from January until the second week of February. Through this initiative, we hope to promote health and safety practices within the kitchen environment among food handlers, teachers and learners,” says Muller.

The Back-to-School campaign is designed to enhance the health and safety aspects of the TBF in-school breakfast programme, which currently provides nutritious breakfasts to more than 67,700 learners each day, at 97 schools around the country in all provinces in South Africa.

Since its inception in 2011, the TBF’s in-school breakfast programme, which complements the lunch provided by the National School Nutrition Programme, has proven to be one of the most efficient nutrition schemes in South Africa, serving nutritious meals to tens of thousands of learners from underprivileged communities on a daily basis.

People or companies interested in supporting the TBF’s Back to School campaign can check out the social media hashtag #SafetyinNutrition.

22 Jan 2024 16:16