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How BusinessTech turbocharged Monocle’s marketing in South Africa

Monocle’s partnership with BusinessTech has yielded great returns for the financial services consultancy.
How BusinessTech turbocharged Monocle’s marketing in South Africa

Monocle is an international management consultancy specialising in banking and insurance that is based in Johannesburg, and has offices in Cape Town, London, and Amsterdam.

The company focuses exclusively on financial services, which has set it apart in a highly competitive industry and enabled its global expansion.

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“To provide real value in such a complex industry requires the full focus of the company, and this deep understanding and experience has allowed us to stand apart from our competitors both in South Africa and abroad,” said Monocle marketing lead Steven Mitchell.

Monocle also believes in investing heavily in its people and culture, and this has been recognised by the international Top Employer Institute, which awarded Monocle Top Employer status.

“This is a testament to the hard work that goes into ensuring Monocle is a great place to work and grow,” said Mitchell.

To sustain its impressive growth, it is critical for Monocle to maintain a strong presence in South Africa – and it turned to BusinessTech to help boost its local marketing strategy.

The partnership

To ensure it maintains its marketing-leading position, Monocle focused on BusinessTech sponsored articles and the Business Talk with Michael Avery podcast as part of its 2023 marketing mix.

Monocle published opinion articles by Monocle CEO David Buckham, as well as reviews of the informative books he has published.

These articles established Buckham as a thought leader and encouraged South African business leaders to think more critically about the finance and banking sectors.

Monocle also published several recruitment articles on BusinessTech, to encourage graduates to pursue careers in consulting, as well as an article that promoted the success of Monocle’s Beyond Banking Conference.

Business Talk

Monocle has been heavily involved in Business Talk as part of its marketing efforts, including being a sponsor for multiple seasons of the business podcast. This delivered incredible brand exposure and ROI for the company.

“Our repeated sponsorship of Business Talk alongside the incredibly talented Michael Avery has really enforced our positioning as an industry thought leader,” said Mitchell.

As part of Monocle’s Business Talk sponsorships, its top executives – including Buckham, Research Lead Guy Wilding, and Consulting Director Rheta du Preez – all featured as guest on the podcast.

Monocle and BusinessTech

Monocle’s marketing campaigns were delivered by BusinessTech’s team of campaign managers, content writers, and multimedia designers – all of whom are experts in their respective fields.

“They have shown their ability to understand both our business and our marketing objectives, and provide solutions that have delivered really strong return on investment,” said Mitchell about working with BusinessTech.

“We are incredibly excited for what is still to come and look forward to our ongoing partnership with BusinessTech to support us in our marketing endeavours.”

Watch the video below to learn more about the marketing partnership between BusinessTech and Monocle.

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2 Jan 2024 11:59