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Experience a day in the life of a student with Student Village's A to Gen-Z Youth Experience!

In a bid to bridge the gap between brands and the dynamic youth market, Student Village recently hosted an unforgettable immersion called the A to Gen-Z Youth Experience. This offered an exclusive opportunity for brands to step into the shoes of students and immerse themselves in the vibrant world of SA’s youth. Click here to see what went down.
Experience a day in the life of a student with Student Village's A to Gen-Z Youth Experience!

Often, we claim to understand youth, but do we truly know what it's like to be a student in today's fast-paced world? Student Village answered that question by showcasing a day in the life of a student, from start to finish. On a sunny Thursday, Student Village hosted Vodacom, Channel O, Standard Bank, and Heineken SA clients, who embarked on an eye-opening journey into the life of a South African student.

The day began with a thrilling taxi ride, the way students would commute. Participants had the chance to spend time at the prestigious Wits campus, gaining insight into the academic life that students lead. To truly understand student life, they also dined on campus grub, took a tour around Braamfontein, a hub for student shopping, socialising, and all things ‘student life’. The adventure culminated in a memorable night out in Greenside, providing a taste of student nightlife, the Gen Z way!

This experience represents a shift from traditional market research and engagement methods. Instead of just talking about understanding youth, Student Village took a different approach by inviting brands to experience it first-hand.

Gabi Goldstein, CMO at Student Village, said: "We believe that actions speak louder than words. By taking part in this experience, equipped with a student card, a map and 100 bucks, brands can truly understand what it means to be a student in today's world. The day was jam packed hanging out with students, finding new and exciting ways for brands to connect, engage and resonate with this incredibly powerful and important market.”

If your brand is eager to dive into the world of South African students and create tailored experiences, reach out to Jonathan Dicks at az.oc.egallivtneduts@onoj. Student Village is excited to offer bespoke A to Gen-Z experiences to help brands build stronger connections with youth and stay ahead in today's ever-evolving marketplace. Don't just claim to know youth – experience it for yourself!

22 Nov 2023 12:19