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Rocla revolutionises water purification solutions in South Africa

After dominating the South African concrete manufacturing industry for 90 years, Rocla introduces a cutting-edge lineup of separators, filters, and purifiers to combat petrochemical contamination and water purification in South Africa.
Rocla revolutionises water purification solutions in South Africa

In collaboration with Alltrap Engineering, renowned importers of Austria's ecoTechnic® product line, Rocla has introduced an extensive array of concrete filtration and separation tanks that exceed the efficiency of locally available products and are tailored to meet diverse applications and needs. These special product lines were designed and manufactured with the sole aim of introducing better quality, efficient, affordable, and more effective water purification solutions into the South African market.

These separation and filtration systems were borne out of Rocla's years of extensive research, trying to understand the South African water purification market; what was working, what wasn't, and how they could improve it. The results? Well, it's evident in everything about their products; from their shapes to their method of installation and maintenance, every single thing about their separators is designed to be better than the current alternatives.

Their range of purifiers and separators includes:

Rocla revolutionises water purification solutions in South Africa

  • GreaseSep: Rocla's unique circular Grease Separators enhance the separation of grease from restaurant and catering industry wastewater, making it safer for disposal or recycling. They achieve this by altering the effluent's flow path, allowing gravity to naturally separate grease without the use of filters.

    Rocla revolutionises water purification solutions in South Africa

  • Eco-sep and Ecoline: These oil/water separators remove light liquids like gasoline, diesel, and heating oils from wastewater using a two-step process involving gravity separation and coalescing media elements to achieve high removal efficiency.

    Eco-line collects separated light fluids on top of the water surface, increasing the risk of emulsification, whereas the EcoSep unit permanently separates oil from water by storing it in a separate tank, preventing oil and water from mixing. Both units come in various sizes to accommodate different flow rates, with larger EcoSep models available upon request.

    Rocla revolutionises water purification solutions in South Africa

  • Eco-Stop: The ecoStop Spill Control System is a cost-effective solution for preventing petroleum spills at facilities like gas stations and oil storage areas. It automatically detects and contains spills on-site, reducing environmental and financial risks.

    And finally,

    Rocla revolutionises water purification solutions in South Africa

  • Eco-storm: A durable, affordable, and low-maintenance storm water filtration system designed to remove sediments, heavy metals, and dissolved substances. Ideal for new construction or retrofits in various settings like parking lots, industrial facilities, and residential areas to improve water quality and treat runoff.

    All of Rocla's purification and separation products are designed with extended maintenance intervals, ground-level accessibility, cost-effective waste disposal, and future-proofing against stringent quality standards. In fact, in rigorous testing, this product range has consistently surpassed the stringent European quality standards.

    About Rocla:

    Rocla is a company with a strong presence in South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. With an extensive network of factories and 90+ years of experience in the concrete manufacturing industry. They have a mission to enhance the quality of life through engineering and manufacturing high-quality precast concrete infrastructural products.

    For more information and inquiries, please visit: or contact: az.oc.puorgsi@alcoR.ofni

  • 24 Oct 2023 15:59