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Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home

An advertising medium not often associated with agility let alone digital marketing, finally gets its time in the spotlight in the form of Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home. This automated buying, selling, and delivery of OOH advertising allows marketers the flexibility and speed that often lacked in this historically traditional space.
Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home

PwC UK, together with the IAB, released a study that delves deeper into the future of pDOOH. Below we take a look at some key outtakes and sentiments from the study conducted amongst media companies, agencies as well as ad tech companies.

Accelerating Adoption

As with any new or improved type of media, education will play a large role in accelerating adoption and establishing buy in from clients, planners and buyers. A clear comparison to other digital options as well as general benefits needs to be outlined. Transacting Programmatically and differences between “one-to-many” and “one-to-one” buys also need to be explained.

Considering DOOH is generally sold on broader reach, Programmatic buying will most likely reduce overall impressions but increase effective reach due to the ability to refine and overlap audience targeting.

56% of those interviewed on the buy-side stated they are currently evaluating their potential Programmatic partners.


A clear demonstration of how campaign objectives have been reached through accurate attribution is crucial.

Verifying conversions and a lack of tools to understand a consumer’s path to purchase are top concerns in the category. Possible interim solutions could include brand lift studies, verified walk-ins and mobile retargeting, although this attribution is not necessarily third-party verifiable. Ultimately more parameters such as mobile device IDs and transaction data will need to be implemented to accurately track sales if, of course, that is the main objective.

“Attribution is required to facilitate the growth of DOOH as a medium, similar to the growth of mobile advertising.”

Audience Data

Compliance with data privacy regulations and using verified and reliable data is a non-negotiable across the board in digital today.

The current volatility of access to public data and constant introduction of stringent data protection regulations could potentially throttle the granular audience targeting and measurement that marketers want to leverage. Currently, responsibility for ensuring compliance with these regulations is expected from the data provider/seller, despite risks involved.

When asked what challenges are faced in making pDOOH a mainstream media buy, 95% mentioned education (of clients) followed by 62% mentioning the fragmentation and lack of inventory consolidation.

What could be considered a vast improvement for Digital Out-of-Home, the Programmatic buying of billboard space will ensure ads are seen by consumers at a far more relevant time. Whether it’s delivering a tailored creative appropriate to the time of day or more particular criteria such as current events and weather, the opportunities are endless and undeniably exciting for marketers to start exploring.

Tayla Calcott – Social Media Manager, Mark1

7 Jun 2022 12:15