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Invibes streamlines its AI offering to combine the best in innovation and excellence for its clients

Developed with technological independence at its heart, Invibes unique proprietary in-feed advertising platform, is built for innovation. From its inception Invibes has been ahead of the curve in developing solutions and technologies with quality client partnerships in mind. In today's incredibly fast-paced world where technology trends impact every industry, Invibes has always sought technological independence to provide scalability, excellence and innovation for its clients.
Invibes streamlines its AI offering to combine the best in innovation and excellence for its clients

Since developing a model that utilised hashes to identify users rather than relying on third-party cookies back in early 2020, Invibes has gone from strength-to-strength bringing unique, proactive offerings to the market that accelerate business outcomes and brand uplift for our 800+ clients.

Foreseeing the immense potential of AI, Invibes also became the majority shareholder in the pioneering AI consultancy company ML2Grow in 2019. This partnership provided Invibes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise around AI and how it can be effectively utilised for both brands and publishers to take in-feed advertising to the next level.

Most recently, Invibes has focused on streamlining its AI offering to ensure clients continue to benefit from the enhanced data capabilities and deep learning algorithms facilitated by AI, whilst still ensuring they receive the best quality intelligence from Invibes experienced in-feed specialists.

Among some of Invibes’ most recent solutions bolstered by AI include: ChatGPT integration for creative A/B testing and Sentiment and Topics scoring for increased placement optimisation. All models of which have been trained and support multiple languages and can be applied across all Invibes’ markets.

ChatGPT integration

Leveraging AI capabilities from OpenAI’s ChatGPT Invibes is able to generate numerous text-based creative options to compliment clients’ creatives. This integration allows for enhanced ad performance through A/B testing and dynamic creative optimisation (DCO), maximising ad relevance and effectiveness.


Through direct integration with publishers, Invibes is able to access numerous data points which allows for a deeper understanding of the page content, tone and context. Invibes leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) scoring based on a Large Language Model (LLM) across over 90% of all Invibe’s publisher inventory to define the sentiment score of pages in its network.

The score ranked 0-100 is determined through semantic analysis of the page content and is used to improve brand suitability and likability while minimising exposure on pages with low sentiment or negative tone of voice.


Much like Sentiment, NLP is also used for Topics scoring which combines intelligence from content analysis, adaptable learning and over 100 types of topic categorisation to determine the themes, topics and context of the page. This application of machine learning opens up a plethora of campaign targeting potential for clients, as well as enhanced audience insights and creation of new first-party data segments.

“It’s undeniable how big of an impact AI will have on our industry but it’s important to understand the real value for clients. By carefully curating an AI offering that functions as an additional layer of intelligence we can offer further value to our clients without compromising excellence or expertise.” Nicolas Pollet & Kris Vlaemynck – co-CEOs Invibes Advertising

If you like to hear more about how Invibes’ advanced AI solutions could work for your brand, contact us at: moc.sebivni@az.selas or, visit our website:

7 Aug 2023 13:38