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Adclick Africa partners with Admazing to reach premium mobile game audiences

Adclick Media, a division of Adclick Africa, is excited to announce its new media sales partnership with Admazing, a leading platform that enables marketers to maximise their Return on Investment (ROI) for mobile marketing campaigns. This strategic collaboration aims to leverage Admazing's capabilities to reach high-quality audiences with compelling creatives, ultimately driving impactful results for brands.
Adclick Africa partners with Admazing to reach premium mobile game audiences

South Africa's growing smartphone penetration

South Africa has witnessed a remarkable increase in smartphone penetration over the years. According to the ICASA 2020 State of the ICT Sector report, the country's smartphone penetration rate surged to 91.2% in 2019, up from 81.7% in 2018. This widespread smartphone access presents a significant opportunity for brands to engage with consumers on mobile platforms.

Maximising ROI with Admazing

Admazing empowers marketers to elevate their visual storytelling and drive results by optimising the quality of their creatives, with a strong focus on engagement. With content that undergoes meticulous supervision, curation, and approval by industry giants Apple and Google, advertisers can be confident in delivering a seamless and impactful user experience to their target audience.

Exceptional viewability and undivided Attention

One of Admazing's key strengths lies in its exceptional viewability, as evidenced by MOAT's certification of 95.4% viewability in full-screen mode. This high viewability ensures that brands have a maximum impact when engaging with users, capturing their undivided attention. Studies have shown that an overwhelming 92% of mobile gamers do not multitask while playing, providing an ideal opportunity for brands to deliver their message effectively.

Global reach and diverse audiences

Furthermore, Admazing boasts an impressive reach, with over 2 billion active users across over 175 countries. This global presence enables brands to extend their reach beyond borders and connect with diverse audiences worldwide.

A powerful partnership for enhanced mobile marketing

The partnership between Adclick Media and Admazing brings together the expertise and resources of two leading entities in the mobile marketing industry. By leveraging Admazing's capabilities and global reach, Adclick Media aims to provide its clients with enhanced opportunities to connect with their target audiences, maximise their ROI, and drive measurable results.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Admazing," said Velly Bosega, CEO of Adclick Africa.

"This partnership will enable us to deliver even more impactful and engaging digital marketing campaigns for our clients, leveraging Admazing's cutting-edge technology and reach. We are excited about the possibilities this collaboration holds and the value it will bring to the market."

About Admazing

Admazing is a leading platform that enables marketers to maximise their ROI for mobile marketing campaigns. With a focus on high-quality audiences and compelling creatives, Admazing enhances the impact and engagement of mobile advertising for brands.

About Adclick Media

Adclick Media is a division of Adclick Africa, specialising in media sales and advertising solutions. Adclick Media has a deep understanding of the African media market and the strategies needed to deliver successful campaigns with extensive experience in bringing innovative and groundbreaking ad tech solutions to South Africa.

Adclick Media previously partnered with for over 9 years to launch the In-read video ad format in South Africa and also worked with Zedo to introduce high-impact ad formats across its publisher network in Africa.

Adclick Media helps brands connect with their target audiences effectively through innovative media strategies and is committed to bringing evolving ad tech solutions to the industry.

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29 Jun 2023 11:26