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'Blue eyes' by Conor McCreedy fetches R8.2m at Art Basel, funds lifesaving NFT campaign in Africa

In an extraordinary blend of art, philanthropy, and digital innovation, the iconic art piece, 'Blue eyes sapphirus falco columbarius' has been sold for a staggering R8.2m at Art Basel in Switzerland. The artwork, a collaboration between globally acclaimed South African-born Conor McCreedy and renowned jewelry designer Suzanne Syz, is making waves not just for its unique design but for its significant philanthropic impact and its pioneering use of NFT technology.
Conor McCreedy with the iconic art piece.
Conor McCreedy with the iconic art piece.

The artwork features a captivating original blue oil painting by McCreedy, depicting a falcon, the fastest-flying bird on earth. The eye of the falcon is adorned with a custom-made sapphire brooch designed by Syz, boasting around 170 carats in total. This extraordinary piece marked a new era in the world of art and design, becoming one of the most valuable pieces in the NetJets Collector's Lounge during Art Basel.

The sale of the artwork also included its soulbound NFT, a digital asset called 'Drops of Life' that represents real-world objects like artwork. This innovative use of NFT technology is a profound statement on how digital assets can be used for good, extending the impact of art beyond aesthetics and into the realm of social impact.

A generous 10% of the sale proceeds, amounting to around R800,000, are being donated to the Drops of Life campaign, a joint initiative by Africarare and Innovation: Africa. This campaign is dedicated to providing clean drinking water to communities in Africa, thus saving countless lives. Since 2008, Innovation: Africa has delivered access to clean water and electricity to over 4 million Africans in nearly 1,000 villages across the continent. This partnership is a concrete example of how technological innovation can change the lives of millions of Africans.

The Drops of Life campaign is a groundbreaking initiative that leverages the power of technology and philanthropy to address water scarcity in Africa. The funds from the sale of 'Blue eyes sapphirus falco columbarius' will directly contribute to providing clean drinking water to a village in Africa, impacting the lives of approximately 3,000 individuals.

About the artists

Conor Mccreedy, known for his signature blue, is a world-renowned South African-born artist whose work has captivated audiences globally. Suzanne Syz, a famed jewelry designer, is celebrated for her innovative designs, with her work included in the collection of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

About the campaign

The Drops of Life campaign is an initiative by Africarare and Innovation: Africa, aimed at providing clean drinking water to communities in Africa. The campaign is committed to transforming lives and creating sustainable solutions for water scarcity in the region. By purchasing a soulbound NFT, art collectors can contribute to this cause, demonstrating the potential of NFTs to drive social impact

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30 Jun 2023 11:01