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Breach: How the next generation are consciously disrupting the world

Noun: An act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or code of conduct.
Breach: How the next generation are consciously disrupting the world

Blue Weaver and Helco Promotions are pleased to announce the publication Breach by Ronen Aires.

The global launch on Amazon took place on Monday 24 October, and the book is already number one in the following categories:

  • Global marketing
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Workplace culture
  • Social science research
  • Entrepreneurship and small business

We are constantly surrounded by chaos. The world is complicated and ever-changing. Young people, looking at the world they are inheriting, are standing up and shouting, "Hell No!"

Generation Z is primed to breach the status quo. They aim to disrupt the establishment and define life on their own terms, with their collective values leading the way. This innovative group of youth is destined to change the workplace, the concept of leadership and the way we connect with one another. As their elders, we have a choice to make: Fight this change or embrace it.

Leaders feel the stress of this fast-paced world. In the battle to stay relevant, we must look towards young people, to listen to their needs and wants. As an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience working with youth and brands, Ronen has learned to harness the genius of Generation Z so that organizations and their people thrive.

While it might seem that Generation Z comes with different factory settings, in reading this book you will come to understand they are not so different from us. They are the future of the workplace. They are your clients, your consumers, and your leadership team. They hold the key to your success. If we learn to guide them wisely, we will all benefit from the breach they are forging. We may even find ourselves living in a better, kinder world.

Author detail

Breach: How the next generation are consciously disrupting the world

A man of many talents – youth marketing expert, active trail junkie, dynamic public speaker and thought-provoking author – Ronen Aires is passionate about a lot of things after a good cup of coffee. As the renowned co-founder and CEO of Student Village, South Africa’s most prominent student marketing and graduate development specialists, Ronen dedicated much of his career to supporting youth and guiding them to greatness. Whether its speaking on podcasts and news programmes, or writing articles and a book, Ronen utilises all available platforms to highlight the genius of today’s young adults.

In his role as global activist and investor, Ronen excitedly shares his knowledge of psychedelic healing and breathwork. He strongly advocates for the importance of living a full and holistic lifestyle, encouraging others to accelerate their potential by embracing ancient wisdom.

Ronen Aires is a husband, father, advocate, entrepreneur, guide, and investor among other things. His preferred title? Young Elder.

Publication detail

Title: Breach
Author: Ronen Aires
Publisher: Merack Publishing
Distributor: Blue Weaver
Genre: Non-Fiction – Leadership, Mentorship, Workplace Culture, Consumer Behaviour
Book size: 21.5 x 13.9cm
Number of pages: 220
Publication date: October 2022
RRP: R250.00
ISBN: 978-1-949635-72-0
Availability: Amazon, Takealot, print on demand through Burble ( and all good bookshops.

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3 Nov 2022 11:47