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Fresh, Fresher, Fresher's Box 2022

Remember when you were a kid and you managed to get your hands on a lucky packet? Who can forget that feeling of sweet anticipation as you ripped the pack open to discover the treasures inside.
Fresh, Fresher, Fresher's Box 2022

In 2020 we took this idea and made it adult size. Instead of the lucky packet for students we called it the Fresher’s Box and boy were they popular. Then, just as we were planning on taking Fresher’s to the next level, Covid struck and put our plans for student sampling domination on hold.

It took two years of lockdowns and sour dough starters, but in 2022 we brought the Fresher’s Box back in what was to be our very first campus activation. This time by partnering with more of SA’s leading brands including J&B, MTN, Virgin Active, Lipton, Nivea and L'oreal.

We amplified the Fresher’s experience with DJ’s, hangouts and games across the country, at a time when most universities were still inaccessible to branded activations. How did we do it? Simple: with a little help from our friends.

Thanks to our close partnerships with student residences like Respublica and Campus Key, as well as our WhatsApp army and influencers driving awareness, we got to share 15,000 boxes, or 90,000 samples, with students across 10 campuses.

#FreshersBox2022 was a huge success and we’re planning on going even bigger next year. Don’t let your brand get left behind. Get fresh by emailing Jono at az.oc.egallivtneduts@onoj to get our 2023 rates.

Fresh, Fresher, Fresher's Box 2022
Fresh, Fresher, Fresher's Box 2022

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12 Sep 2022 12:36