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Moya app reaches mass-market consumers with data-free engagement

In South Africa, marketers and agencies alike still rely on traditional media to reach the mass market, sticking to what they know rather than venturing into the digital world of potential. At Adclick Africa we have since realised the need to evolve our digital marketing solutions to find new ways of reaching mass-market consumers.
Moya app reaches mass-market consumers with data-free engagement

With the high cost of data, internet is a privilege that most South Africans do not share. DIgital marketing, like the internet, is heavily reliant on access to data and connectivity. Most South Africans can’t afford the high cost of data, causing a financial barrier that previously didn’t exist with traditional media.

Fortunately, data-free apps solve the problem of reaching mass-market consumers in sub-Saharan Africa without the cost of data standing in the way.

Adclick Africa partners with Moya app to reach mass market

Moya, South Africa’s first mobile data-free chat application, solves the problem of reaching mass market consumers online, delivering engagement that is hard to achieve in sub-Saharan Africa.

The mobile data-free messenger enables access to digital services such as content, chat, e-commerce, competitions, gaming, websites, apps, VPN and more. Not only does Moya solve the problem of engaging the mass-market audiences digitally, the platform keeps developing unique capabilities for advertisers to profile the mass-market audiences across various data points so as to deliver targeted ads and measurable ROI.

“With new data-free trends emerging, Adclick Africa is ready to offer our clients access to untapped markets with the help of data-free solutions like the Moya App.” Velly Bosega, Adclick Africa CEO

With the Moya app, advertisers will be able to reach a mobile audience that rivals WhatsApp and other messenger platforms, giving marketers an opportunity to reach the lower-income market consumers online. Moya app offers an additional audience engagement channel to Google and Facebook that engages the mass-market audience at scale digitally.

Adclick Africa is at the forefront of data-free technology, delivering innovative digital performance marketing that helps build better experiences for both brands and consumers.

As a full-service digital agency, we offer a wide range of services to add to your marketing mix. Choose from Wi-Fi campaigns, data-free ads, Google ads, programmatic ads, and social media for your next campaign.

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3 Aug 2022 09:42