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Viewer analytics: What is it and how does it help ROI?

Viewer analytics uses cameras and sensors to track the eye and facial movements of people looking at screens. Even a simple webcam connected to a laptop can be set up to perform rudimentary audience analytics.
Viewer analytics: What is it and how does it help ROI?

However, advances in VA mean that companies can now anonymously determine the demographics of the customers viewing their digital screens to determine which on-screen content is most successful at engaging certain customers at certain times. Using highly sophisticated systems and mathematical algorithms to analyse massive streams of data using proven metrics, this information is analysed autonomously to derive powerful insights around what content and messaging works best, and to trigger tailored content that viewers are more likely to enjoy and remember.

For large organisations with complex multi-screen networks spread over great geographical distances, or even different countries, collecting and analysing viewer data is critical to staying relevant in today’s highly competitive markets and enables meaningful engagement and connecting with customers. The process of analysing vast quantities of granular and multi-faceted viewer data has now been made easier by innovative TechCommunications companies who have developed integrated systems that simplify the processes of collecting data, correctly analysing it, and making sense of the patterns and trends to arrive at key strategic insights.

Highly targeted tailored content and campaigns

Viewer analytics (VA) allows businesses to enhance their customer experience and buyer journey with tailored, hyper-focused content. It also provides increased insight into the customer’s profile so that the content displayed enables meaningful engagement with each and every viewer.

Because data is continuously being gathered and analysed, agile shifts in communication and content strategies can be made to ensure maximum impact. Understanding the reach, engagement levels and penetration of various content streams is a powerful tool that lets companies craft data-driven, result-oriented strategies that boost sales, earn the loyalty of clients, and eliminate unnecessary or ineffective advertising and communications.

Cheaper than market research

Automated data collection and analysis makes VA more affordable than traditional, manual data-capture and market research. The benefits accrued by utilising the full potential of a screen network far outweigh the relatively low costs of implementing a modern VA system. In addition, the powerful insights that VA allows can be used to drive optimisation throughout many other areas of the business.

VA removes the guesswork in marketing and communications and allows organisations to fine-tune their strategy based on facts. Efforts to entrench brands and drive sales are more likely to succeed when clients are enjoying, or even positively impacted, by what they are viewing from you as a business.

Who should make use of VA?

  • Companies wanting insights into their customers’ demographic profiles.
  • Companies who want to ensure that they realise ROI from their in-store screen networks and digital wall space.
  • Companies contemplating installing in-store, digital screens to drive sales.
  • Companies wanting to boost their brand with data-driven content strategies.

6 Dec 2021 13:03