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Carlia wins Pendoring Awards

TQ Group are proud to announce that Carlia Janse van Rensburg, a junior graphic designer, was honoured with two silver awards at the prestigious #Pendoring2021 ceremony. The awards were granted in recognition of van Rensburg's outstanding final submission for Graphic Design Honours at the North-West University, which also earned her an academic distinction in 2020.
Carlia wins Pendoring Awards

Janse van Rensburg conceptualised and created a campaign for the Robertsons brand to fit the theme ‘Migration’. A richly illustrated tableau inspired by the personification of spices, the campaign included playing cards, a winners draw and a limited-edition tablecloth. With Migration, Carlia beautifully encapsulated an experience that was previously only afforded to royalty in the early days of the spice trade and created an engaging narrative around a product that we all know and love.

The TQ Group is a close-knit tribe, with an institutional ethos of nurturing talent, mentorship, empowerment and sharing of knowledge. Naturally, emotions ran high, and the elation at HQ was palpable when, having hastily rigged up a big screen and sound system for the award ceremony, the winners were announced. “We felt a swell of pride in our hearts as the world acknowledged our Carlia’s immense talent and potential,” says Elbé Smith, CEO.

Speaking on the accolades, Carlia said that her creative process during 2020 had felt particularly arduous because of isolation and lockdown-induced stress. She said she managed to persevere through tremendous efforts of willpower and much encouragement and support from her lecturer, Marina Herbst, to whom she expressed an outpouring of heartfelt gratitude. She said that the two silver #Pendoring2021 awards are a massive boost to her self-esteem. The boost has reinforced her belief in impeccable craftsmanship and provided further impetus to keep honing her design abilities. It is also a key stepping stone on her path to eventually realizing her dream: to working as a creative director.

Hearty congratulations to Carlia from everyone at the TQ Group!

12 Nov 2021 07:41