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Youth Tribes: The Class of 2020

The 'Class of 2020' is a broad description of a young demographic group whose lives were altered and derailed by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Youth Tribes: The Class of 2020
Youth Tribes: The Class of 2020

These youth may have been transitioning from secondary to tertiary education or undergraduates who were meant to finish their studies and embark on a working career.

Either way, the opportunities lost, the absence of crucial social interactions and the devastating economic impact on these young lives will leave a deep impression during these formative years. This in turn will shape their outlook and future mindset.

“This transition period is an essential time for young people to explore the world, study, try new things, have fun with new friends, make mistakes and become more self-aware.

“The question is: Did the Class of 2020 get a raw deal or was this the best preparation for the chaotic world that lies ahead?” - Ronen Aires, CEO Student Village

To get to know the Class of 2020, Student Village and Flux Trends conducted a survey of 157 young South Africans that was both quantitative and qualitative in nature, in order to research tribes or subcultures among youth.

Our results both surprised and delighted us, as we uncovered six important youth tribes and trends to take note of:

The Empaths
As customers, this tribe will not take kindly to businesses that flout ethical standards. As employees, they will look for compassionate leadership.
The Y-Suite
Organisations stand to benefit from considering the viewpoint of youth.
The Transvisibles
We will continue to see more transgender people entering the mainstream public realm. Inclusion based on gender will continue to be an important issue that businesses should take heed of.
The LBPs
(living back with parents)
It would be wise to consider the financial ramifications that this new living situation has on parents and the impact on the real estate sector.
Tik Tok Traders
These financially savvy young people are looking to their peers and on Tik-Tok for advice. There’s an opportunity for businesses to provide products and services targeted at this specific demographic among youth.
The Spiritual Seekers
The spirituality market is burgeoning. This represents an opportunity for businesses and brands to appeal to the spiritual side of this demographic.

Want a copy of the report, to set up a one-on-one presentation or an insight-rich talk for your company. Email az.oc.egallivtneduts@onoj for more information.

19 Aug 2021 08:33