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Mamela Media partners with fellow township experts, Keys Communications

Township location experts Mamela Media have grown into township audience experts, offering brands a 360° solution to engage with the township consumer in their daily journey. As part of this solution, Mamela announces their collaboration with fellow township experts, Keys Communications.

This partnership enhances their offering for brands to connect with consumers in an authentic way within the township space. "This partnership builds on our multiple touchpoint offering, providing brands an opportunity to add genuine value to the mass market environment. Stepping into a day in the life of our consumer audience has allowed us to identify multiple opportunities to not only engage with our audience to generate brand awareness and build brand salience, but also to help communities in a meaningful way by supporting local, small businesses," says the managing director of Mamela, Leigh O'Mahoney.

Kabelo Kale - Managing Director of Keys Communications
Kabelo Kale - Managing Director of Keys Communications
Anisa Kale - Founder and Owner of Keys Comunications
Anisa Kale - Founder and Owner of Keys Comunications

Kabelo and Anisa Kale, the founders and owners of Keys Communications, are pioneers of the Asset Based Community Development Business Model. They take existing assets like residential walls and spaza shops in townships and convert them into wifi-enabled advertising canvases, which in turn benefits township communities. Local communities benefit financially from the advertising revenue and the introduction of free wifi into their neighbourhoods. This offers advertisers a unique opportunity to increase brand presence at key convergence points, and drive positive brand salience by giving back to their consumers. This echoes Mamela's philosophy of creating a sustainable ecosystem of shared value to drive growth in the mass market and foster lasting bonds with brands. In Leigh's view "when brands deliver true value to their consumers, they incubate the household brand name."

Mamela Media partners with fellow township experts, Keys Communications

By implementing a cross-media strategy using a mix of media, Mamela keep brands connected and top of mind throughout their consumers' daily journey. Mamela uses the best of traditional OOH and mobile digital media to drive consumers through the conversion funnel and offer brands the opportunity to be the final reminder to consumers at the point of purchase.

"We have several campaigns that serve as case studies showing how the combination of traditional OOH and location-based mobile technology drives not only an uplift in footfall into stores but also a spike in sales over the campaign period"

Mamela utilizes a combination of measurement tools to help brands determine the success of their campaigns. They collect and analyse consumer insights for brands to better understand their target audience and improve on future campaigns.

Match made in 'Kasi Heaven'.

Kim Palmer - Business Development Manager at Mamela Media
Kim Palmer - Business Development Manager at Mamela Media

Kim Palmer, Business Development Manager, joined the Mamela team with the directive of building partnerships to pivot the business and stay ahead of the Disruption curve.

"I first met Kabelo and Anisa 8 years ago when looking for a specialist wall media company who truly 'knew' the township market inside and out. What blew me away was not only their incredible attention to detail and specialist knowledge of the mass market but their love and understanding of the communities they are reaching out to. They are an amazing "salt of the earth" couple whose passion to improve lives rings true in everything they do. This mirrors one of the Mamela core values of 'be the change you want to see'"

"Keys Communications is renowned for innovation, in thinking and doing. We bring bespoke solutions for our various clients and advertising brands. We are pioneers of production finishes (High definition, glow in the dark, and 3D) around South Africa and selective African countries. We are also the first to bring both quantitative and qualitative insights in measuring township media consumption and attitudinal statements. We continue to strive to bring townships into mainstream media thinking and strategies, and to do this, we have to step up, and we could not have found a better partner to help us go further than Mamela Media. This partnership further declares our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. We further undertake to build brands and solid relationships between consumers and brands with our platforms, insights, and knowledge. With Mamela Media we are now a complete outfit, fully kitted to add value to our clients for future growth." Says Kabelo, Managing Director of Keys Communications

To meaningfully engage with the mass market audience, brands need not look any further than Mamela Media.

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8 Jun 2020 11:39