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HKLM refreshes Adapt IT's logo

Strategic branding and communications agency, HKLM, was recently asked to assist Adapt IT to streamline its brand architecture.
HKLM refreshes Adapt IT's logo

Adapt IT is a local software solutions company with a strong acquisition mandate, and encompasses multiple brands that needed to be aligned in order to maximise the equity across them. HKLM turned this challenge into a strength, and hinged the exercise around a single element that would unite these entities into one unified brand.

The process began by taking the company’s existing logo, extracting the equity from this, and evolving it into a more tech-focused identity. An icon was created using an infinity sign manipulated to look like the "A" in the word "Adapt".

“In this instance, the infinity symbol represents the qualities of Adapt IT being ‘always on’, always being connected, and always offering outstanding service. It also perfectly reflects the tagline we conceptualised – ‘achieve more’. Together the icon and the tagline point to the unlimited potential of technology,” says HKLM creative director, Catherine Kruger.

In addition, the wording was altered to ensure the name was read as "Adapt IT" and not "adapt it", providing clarity, from the outset, that the brand operated in the IT space. To cement this technology focus, the creative team used Adapt IT’s existing colours, but brightened them to bring them in line with the other current digital brands. The new logo can be seen on Adapt IT’s new high-tech head office campus buildings in Midrand.

“We updated the Adapt IT brand and developed a new visual language that ultimately aligns Adapt IT and all its acquisitions behind a single purpose that can be used to galvanise all staff and future acquisitions,” adds Kruger.

This was critical, as Adapt IT provides software solutions to the education, manufacturing, energy, financial services, communications and hospitality sectors, employing more than a thousand tech professionals and servicing more than 10,000 customers in 53 countries.

1 Feb 2019 12:20