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Adclick Africa rebrands

Adclick Africa, South Africa's leading performance-driven digital agency, is pleased to announce that it is now offering direct booking solutions to hoteliers in the country. This announcement was made by Adclick Africa's CEO, Velly Bosega, at a launch party held on 9 February 2018.
Adclick Africa rebrands

“We undertook an extensive study of the hotel industry both locally and internationally and what we discovered shocked us. Hotel revenues worldwide are being undercut by high OTA (online travel agency) commissions which range between 15-25%. Our answer to this challenge is to provide hoteliers with direct booking strategies that lower their distribution costs and increase profits at the same time,” said Velly.

OTAs are third-party players through whom the majority of modern travellers are shopping for and booking a hotel room. OTAs have grown so much in their influence and financial muscle that they have become a competitor to the hotels themselves. This is a lopsided arrangement that robs hoteliers of their revenue. But it is not just their revenues that have been compromised. OTAs are monopolising data at hoteliers cannot have a direct relationship with their prospective guests before they check in. This robs them of the opportunity to provide personalised services to the guests as OTAs keep important data anonymous.

Adclick Africa’s solution will not only give the hoteliers control over these all important conversations with guests but also it will also enable them to retain control over their revenue.

The digital agency’s services are a perfect fit for both independent hotels and large chains. HotelRevPro, is a risk-free guest acquisition solution for independent hotels with a minimum of 30 rooms and is based on a cost-per-action (CPA) model. Hoteliers only pay for the actual bookings made. Though it has similarities to OTAs in the sense that hoteliers still pay commissions, there are a number of differences that make HotelRevPro more attractive and an obvious choice.

Adclick Africa rebrands

HotelRevPro commissions are low and save hoteliers money and the fact that bookings are made directly on the property’s website is great for building brand awareness. Additionally, Adclick Africa gives hoteliers access to their guests’ data and this allows them to run post-stay engagement campaigns which in turn provide the foundation for personalised communication and guest satisfaction.

The agency offers an exciting bouquet of services to chains and these include:

“Although we have thrown our hat in the hotel marketing ring today, we have been in business since 2013 when our agency was established. Over the years we have garnered a remarkable track record as our campaigns repeatedly deliver results for our clients. Our approach is based on creativity, strategic foresight and hard cold data. We promise hoteliers that we will reach the right traveller at the right time with the right advert for the right destination,” added Velly.

The agency’s footprint covers all provinces and hoteliers can contact Adclick Africa’s hotel marketing experts on 011 704 2641 or email moc.acirfakcilcda@ofni.

15 Feb 2018 16:52