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Adclick Africa launches its full-service digital agency

Adclick Africa Media & Marketing Group is pleased to announce that it recently launched its full-service digital marketing agency, Guerilla Marketing, at the just-ended Business Day TV SME Summit at The Maslow in Sandton.
Adclick Africa launches its full-service digital agency

The agency offers a very unique and result-driven value-add to its clients by making use of a proprietary data-centric methodology in its campaigns. All its efforts are geared towards unlocking maximum value for its clients through long-lasting customer relationships.

“We decided to launch the digital agency after realising that there is growing demand for data-driven performance marketing from brands and SMEs in South Africa. Our core focus is on lead generation, customer acquisition and customer retention. Connecting brands to customers online is something of our specialty,” said Velly Bosega, Adclick Africa’s CEO.

Guerilla Marketing operates on a customer-centric framework that leverages the potential that data science, innovation and creativity bring to marketing. The agency’s omni-channel strategy delivers campaigns across multiple channels and devices to deliver a seamless experience to the target audience. The net effect is that customers engage with the brand’s messaging in a personalised way whatever device they are using at any time.

Guerilla Marketing’s strategies guarantee that a brand can have a great presence at every point within the customer's path to purchase.

“As a digital agency, our tactical execution is based on the client's business goals. There is a strategic deliberateness to all our thinking as well as the marketing processes that we undertake. The combination of data and creativity helps us to create personalised customer experiences that are both engaging and ultimately profitable to our clients,” said Joseph Neusu, Guerilla Marketing’s business head.

The digital agency offers the following services:

  • Digital strategy and consulting
  • Data-driven social media marketing
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Responsive web design
  • Digital advertising
  • Email marketing

However, these services are not just bolted onto a campaign as the agency employs a consultative approach through which the client’s unique requirements are gleaned and matching strategies deployed.

Currently, Guerilla Marketing has targeted clients within the hospitality, travel and tourism industry although it is not closed to other verticals as well.

“Our motivation to target the HTT sector specifically is simple. After carefully studying the marketing landscape in South Africa, we realised that most agencies are offering one-size-fits-all solutions to this industry. This is in spite of the fact that the HTT industry has its own very unique needs that cannot be addressed via this inept approach,” said Joseph.

The agency’s strategic engagements in branding and campaigns promise to drive greater consumer action and awareness.

For more information visit or call 011 704 2641

14 Mar 2017 10:09