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Native advertising takes off in SA

Over the past six months native ads have become an increasingly large part of the digital advertising ecosystem, coming in different forms and shapes across publishers. They have brought an alternative to online display advertising, and as the number of publishers surges, the reach of native ad's will continue to grow.

Adclick Africa's InFeed ads are one of the new formats which are bringing order to how home ads are served, monitored and reported on Adclick Africa. CEO, Velly Bosega says: "We have gone to great lengths to introduce Ad-formats that meet the demands of both publishers and advertisers by offering a standardised unit across multiple publications that allows both impression and click tracking."

"It's a new experience for everyone - users, advertisers and publishers. It is a high performing format that engages with the user," says Alfred Msowoya, Publisher Development Manager at Adclick Africa.

The InFeed format has proven to publishers that there is an appetite for native ad's in South Africa, with over 20 million impressions served across some of South Africa's top publishers like Money Web, CNBC, Times Media and Caxton's online properties. These local publishers have seen additional revenue through this format without sacrificing user experience, and still maintaining premium rates.

The reach of the InFeed format continues to grow across South Africa with new publishers taking on the format every day. Adclick Africa is looking to increase inventory reach to 50 million impressions a month in 2015 across South Africa's top premium publishers.

About Adclick Africa

Adclick Africa Media Group is a diversified digital media company providing cutting edge solutions for the Digital Media industry. We serve both publishers and advertisers, and help achieve market-leading positions through a solutions approach to digital media. Over the past two years we have introduced industry shaping technology to help drive the South African digital media industry forward. Whether you are a small advertiser or big publisher, our world-class technology innovations can help you get ahead.

28 Nov 2014 10:41