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in-Read video is now available in Africa

AdClick Africa offers in-Read formats as part of their package to advertisers and publishers. This follows the partnership between AdClick Africa and that was finalised this month. AdClick has sole and exclusive rights of the in-Read formats, and the company is looking forward to the great partnership with offers a variety of formats besides in-Read which come with full analytics and reporting.
in-Read video is now available in Africa

What is an in-Read?

in-Read is a groundbreaking outstream video ad format or technology which guarantees complete video viewability to advertisers. It is powered by which guarantees complete video viewability to advertisers and helps publishers to create high-value video ad inventory, without any video content. It is an in-text video format, which one finds within an article, which allows advertisers to deliver relevant in-view only videos to users. It is more user- or viewer-friendly than other formats like pre-rolls (elaborated upon later).

The in-Read video format is a beneficial format for publishers who want to offer their clients a high-value video ad but don't have their own premium video, or it's not enough. In this case it makes so much sense to rather use an in-Read in order to make money on text pages. Also, because it is a performance-based video format and doesn't require dedicated development like rich media it is more appealing for the advertiser.

in-Read video is now available in Africa

How in-Read works?

The figure below explains how the in-Read works. As mentioned above, in-Read is an in-text video format so for the user to be able to view the video they will have to scroll down the page. This means that an in-Read unlocks value below the fold. The in-Read begins playing when it has more than 50% visibility. If the user or reader continues to read the article and scroll down the page, the video will then have less than 50% visibility meaning it will pause. To continue the video the user will have to go up again and it will continue from where it stopped.

View link for a demo video:

in-Read video is now available in Africa

Pre-Rolls video advertising

A Pre-Roll is a short video of about 10-15 seconds in length, which plays before the actual video content. This video will be on some online video links in which you as a user are forced to watch before the video content you searched for.

Difference between in-Read, Pre-Roll & Traditional TV

in-Read video is now available in Africa

How Publishers and advertisers will benefit from in-Read?

Benefits of in-Read to Publishers:

  • The creation of additional video advertising inventory with high added value
  • No extra production costs, no new video creation required
  • Display below the fold. (Guaranteed no auto-play starts on page loading)
  • Guaranteed viewability (Alenty third party validation) Article read = video viewed
  • Placed in the heart of any editorial content for an optimal performance
  • Ease of integration (Requires 1 video and 1 script in the ad-server)
  • Quality of broadcast, measurement and optimisation via our proprietary ad-server
  • Profitable campaigns and effective eCPM
  • Minimally intrusive, sound active on roll-over, this format doesn't bother the user experience
  • Profitable campaigns and effective eCPM

Benefits Of in-Read to Advertisers

  • in-Read provides a premium environment for advertiser video campaigns
  • in-Read is an ideal video format for instant reach to a global audience
  • High scalability, large inventory available, in-Read can be displayed on a wide network of premium sites across the world targeting a specific geography
  • Performance is guaranteed and maximum branding is archived with in-Read, advertiser only pay when video is viewed (CPCV model)
  • No additional creative costs for advertisers as the format uses standard video ads and standard TV ads can be used for the campaigns

To learn more about the in-Read, please do not hesitate to contact the AdClick Africa office on 011 704 4882.

21 Oct 2013 11:28