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Malta Tourism Authority - a success story

In celebration of #WorldTourismDay, Invibes shares, the success story of the Malta Tourism Authority. The world has gotten on the go again with over 429 million international tourist arrivals worldwide in 2021, according to Statista, and we think some of them might have gone to Malta!

Using #Invibes’ innovative in-feed formats, Malta Tourism Authority saw their CTR take off, gained 96% new users, and hit a high arrival rate.

Context and objectives

Commissioned by the Malta Tourism Authority in France, Invibes Advertising made full use of its expertise with the aim to attract future tourists to the Maltese archipelago for the 2021 summer season.

For three weeks, four traffic formats from the Invibes catalog were activated simultaneously: Click & Surf, Vote & Surf, Watch & Surf, and Slide & Surf. In order to appeal to different traveler profiles, each in-feed format was developed according to four themes that mark the richness of Malta's tourism supply: seaside tourism, city break, flight only, and nature tourism.

An unprecedented activation of all formats - Invibes generated 100% qualified traffic for the Malta Tourism Authority's B2C site while offering a variety of visual branding to reflect the beauty of the archipelago and further promote it as a tourist destination.

A global partnership - The Malta Tourism Authority has also sought our technical service expertise in order to optimise its website, thus enabling an increase in traffic with a better user experience as well as greater optimisation.

Malta Tourism Authority - a success story

The results

Malta Tourism Authority - a success story

The campaign has had a significant impact on the tourist destination Malta.
Focus: While the different formats obtained very good results, the Watch & Surf in-feed format, which enhances the landing page with a video, obtained the best CTRs thanks to the very engaging aspect of the format.

These remarkable figures are due to the variety of traffic formats offered as well as the premium environment in which the ads were launched.

Among the publishers, we find: 750g, Gala, Voici, Femme Actuelle but also partners like Travel and Easyvoyage, which are particularly relevant to the target market of the Malta Tourism Authority.

Malta Tourism Authority - a success story

Annabelle Michaux, the marketing executive at Malta Tourism Authority in France had this to say about the campaign, “We are more than delighted with the personalised support we have received from the Invibes team: creation of formats, script installation on our website, and real-time monitoring of the campaign to boost performance. The results obtained exceeded our expectations and enabled us to generate quality traffic and introduce Malta to our target market.”

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27 Sep 2023 11:43