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Invibes Advertising at the IAB South Africa Bookmarks Awards

We had the honour of being the proud sponsor of the Emerging Digital Technologies & Channels category at the Bookmarks Awards held last Thursday, 27 July 2023.
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Image courtesy of IAB South Africa

The Bookmarks Awards, known for recognising the most outstanding campaigns and initiatives in the digital sphere, brought together an array of talented professionals and visionary minds. As a leading player in the digital advertising realm, Invibes Advertising South Africa was excited to connect with like-minded individuals who share our passion for creativity, ingenuity, and cutting-edge technologies.

Invibes Advertising South Africa extends its warmest congratulations to all the winners and nominees who continue to push the boundaries of digital marketing. A special congratulations to the Emerging Digital Technologies & Channels category winners, MakeReign and Dentsu Creative (gold) and Techsys Digital (bronze).

We look forward to a future filled with more groundbreaking innovations and collaborations. Here's to celebrating excellence and embracing the digital revolution together!

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2 Aug 2023 12:04