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Adclick website launch 2021

Adclick Africa, South Africa's leading performance marketing agency launches its new website in 2021. It boasts a more user-friendly experience with an always-on approach to communication.

Adclick Africa, South Africa's leading performance marketing agency has been working tirelessly on refreshing their website in preparation for 2021 ( The new website boasts a more user-friendly experience with an always-on approach to communication and customer service. Data collection and automation are key features, with the site having been fully integrated with an in-house CRM platform and a variety of performance-driven digital marketing platforms.

Why the upgrade – how did it impact the user experience?

Using their in-house website development and graphic design team, and by applying technical SEO best standards, Adclick Africa is dedicated to the continued evolution of its website and online platforms.

"Our customers are at the centre of our business which is why we decided to upgrade our website. To reflect the superior customer service our clients' experience when they work with us, from their very first interaction with Adclick Africa online," said Velly Bosega, Adclick Africa's CEO. "It's about creating a seamless customer journey from the very first touchpoint."

WordPress is #1 in South Africa

Adclick Africa's website is proudly built using the world-renowned open-source CMS platform, WordPress. "We selected WordPress as it is one of the most popular technologies used in South Africa, and across the World, for building customized e-commerce solutions. In 2020, WordPress powered 35% of the internet and over 400 million people visit WordPress sites each month. South Africa's e-commerce industry is ready to explode with possibilities and we believe that investing in technology is always a no-brainer," Marcio Quintal, creative marketing manager.

New technology features

Adclick Africa's internal REC methodology (Reach, Engage, Convert) is the driving force behind some of the new technology features added to their website. The key digital marketing tech stack enhancements include:

  • A Live Online Chat feature for clients and potential customers to engage with the team.
  • CRM Automation and Integration to better manage customer touchpoints and experiences.
  • Email Marketing Automation and Subscriber Database Management.
  • UX Heatmaps to ensure the website provides for a great customer journey.
  • SEO campaign and keyword monitoring for continuous optimisation, ensuring our site is relevant and searchable.
  • Enhanced site analytics and usability monitoring as well as audience and traffic measurement.
  • Lead Validation for the sales funnel.

Adclick Africa is at the forefront of delivering innovative communication technologies that help build better brand experiences. They help clients determine which digital marketing channels are best for their business. Offering a wide range of performance marketing digital services such as Paid Media, Google Ads, Programmatic Advertising, Media Strategy and Consulting, Marketing Automation, Analytics, SEO, Social Media, Copywriting, Campaign Management, Online Reputational Management, CRM platform integration and CRO.

12 Feb 2021 15:59