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Ad formats affect campaign results

Not all ad formats are made equal. Some perform better than others and this leads to exceptional campaign results. Marketers should opt for these ad formats that not only help them achieve the goals of their campaigns but also address the challenges currently bedeviling the digital marketing industry.

One such troublesome issue is viewability. According to Google, almost 50% of digital ads are not seen by actual human beings. Actually, this is the scourge of bots that is causing a real nightmare to agencies as brands are becoming skeptical of the efficacy of digital marketing.

Additionally, digital technology has given customers great control of the content that is displayed on their screens and also how they interact with it. Intrusive ads that disrupt customer experiences are frowned upon and they are the reasons why most customers are annoyed by the ads.

Fortunately, engaging non-intrusive ad formats take care of this. For example, Adclick Africa offers Swipe-Up and Panorama ads that are giving brands incredible return on their ad spend.

These two high impact ad formats produce high click through rates and are 100% viewable.”We used the swipe up and panorama ad formats in an Emperors’ Palace campaign and we achieved an astronomical CTR of over 3% which is great considering that the industry average is 0.15%” said Lyle Sauls, one of the Ad Ops managers at Adclick Africa.

So how do the swipe up and panorama ads formats work?

Swipe Up

Ad formats affect campaign results

The swipe up ad format is pretty ingenious, and because its so innovative it generates more than the usual engagement from mobile phone readers. When a user opens a web page that runs this ad, 20% of the ad swipes up from the bottom of the page. The ad moves up or down on the next swipe, and the user can either engage with the ad or swipe out of it. Most significantly, the user is always in control; the ad never “takes over” the page. (SwipeUp does, however, expand to fill the screen.)


Ad formats affect campaign results

In the Panorama ad format, the ad slides from the top of the screen on user scroll. The creative slides in and sticks to the top of the screen without intruding on the user experience.

Panorama and Swipe up ad formats are awesome result-driven ad formats that produce high impact. They are non-intrusive, are 100% viewable and enjoy high CTRs.

You can view all of the live demos of our engaging ad formats on Adclick Africa TV.

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14 Sep 2016 10:24