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Six reasons why brands and agencies choose to advertise with Adclick Africa

Adclick Africa is a provider of performance-based digital advertising solutions to brands and agencies in Africa. Driven by knowledge of the industry, innovation and a searing passion for achieving excellent campaign results, the company has managed digital campaigns of major brands like Telkom, Standard Bank, MTN, Land Rover, Castle Lite and Unilever.

Over and above our service to advertisers, we also enable publishers to maximise their revenues by offering high CPMs. We do this to reward them for their hard work in creating engaged audiences.

Why do Africa’s leading brands always trust us with their digital marketing campaigns? Below are the reasons why we can constantly unlock value for our clients on the marketplace.

1. Audience

We have access to the relevant audiences in all of the key markets throughout Africa. Our traffic is properly segmented via Data Management Platforms (DMPS) to ensure that the right customers are laser-targeted in the campaigns.

2. Superior advertising products

Our advertising solutions are driven by innovative and effective ad formats that increase the ROI of our customers’ campaigns. The high impact ad formats that we provide generate high click through rates (CTR), trigger conversions and override the challenges posed by viewability issues. Viewability is a metric that measures the extent to which an ad is seen by actual human beings and not computer bots.

We offer native and banner ads as well as rich media. Native advertising is all the rage these days because it is non-intrusive and is unsurprisingly welcomed by customers and publishers alike.

3. Experienced team of skilled professionals

We have a dedicated team of passionate digital marketing professionals who use data-driven techniques in campaign execution. Our ad ops team provides excellent personalised support to our clients and they implement the best practices in campaign optimisation as well. We invest in customer service management as we believe in nurturing long term relationships.

4. Reporting

We provide real-time or on-demand reporting. All our reports are fully transparent and granular as we dive deep into traffic sources and creative efficiency.

5. Self-serve mobile DSP

We are the first company to introduce a mobile DSP in Africa. Brands and agencies can use our self-serve DSP to create profitable mobile campaigns. This is an important development as Africa is a mobile continent where most of its citizens rely on mobile devices as the primary internet access platforms.

The mobile DSP offer advanced targeting options, is connected to 28 exchanges and has over 30 billion impressions per day worldwide.

6. Small business marketing solutions

We also offer digital marketing services to SMEs who have limited budgets but still want to enjoy the benefits of digital marketing.

Our tailor-made services enable them to generate leads, increase sales and retain loyal customers.

Adclick Africa is indeed the definitive provider of digital advertising solutions to advertisers, publishers and small businesses.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you win: +27 11 704 2641or email moc.acirfakcilcda@ofni

16 Aug 2016 10:11