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South African commuters: A gold mine for low income marketing

Brands targeting the mass market in South Africa, and clearly in most countries in Africa, can now reach their prospective customers via an engaging and cost-effective channel in the form of transit ads.
South African commuters: A gold mine for low income marketing

The biggest surprise is that the transit market has been ignored for so long by brands. Maybe the failure to appreciate and understand its exact economic power is the culprit. However, let me breakdown the market to avoid further ignorance.

Approximately 19.5 million customers within the lower LSM commute daily to and from work. This is nearly half of the population of South Africa and most definitely the majority of the economically active in the country too.

Research reports shows the majority of commuters fall in the 4-7 LSM and they possess a combined whopping monthly household income of R137bn. Their purchasing power is indeed immense and cannot be ignored.

This is the reason why Yebo Transit Media, a division of Adclick Africa, is on an aggressive drive to help brands tap into this highly profitable market.

What makes this market very special and lucrative is that over 80% of commuters make daily top up purchases on their way home after disembarking from the taxi or bus. Suppliers of FMCGs can benefit from this trend as it triggers high instore product turn overs.

Transit ads enjoy an unparalled reach to economically active commuters at budgets that are way below those spent in other forms of advertising. Campaigns can thus run longer, increasing the conversion rates and the brand awareness.

Since commuters spend a minimum of one and a half hours on the road daily to and from work, this enables them to view the ads repeatedly. The net result of this exposure is high ad recall in transit advertising that outperforms print ads for example by 3 to 1.

Statistical proof confirms the value proposition offered by transit advertising. A good example is the typical report for the Randburg catchment area that shows that monthly the taxis clock 4,997 operating hours and ads reach 130,132 unique people. Poster adverts are displayed 92,300 times whilst videos are played 19,988 times each month. These display frequencies guarantee that ads are given maximum exposure to the relevant audience.

Undoubtedly, Yebo Transit Media’s advertising solutions are ideal for those brands that are looking for ways of reaching a captive mass audience in a cost-effective way. These ads offer reach in an engaging environment that leads to high conversions.

Yebo Transit Media service ad serving technology was developed over a period of eight years. During this time, it underwent rigourous tests and iterations making it the perfect product it is today.

About Yebo Transit Media

The company is a partnership between between Nanitrans, a company with over eight years’ experience in OOH media with special focus on the huge commuting market and Adclick Africa, a digital advertising company that has been existence for over four years and boasts of pioneering mobile programmatic advertising in Africa.

25 Feb 2016 11:52