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Unpacking the future of digital advertising

Digital advertising is on an unstoppable ascendancy in Africa, thanks to the proliferation of affordable smartphones and the rolling out of infrastructure by mobile networks to virgin territories.

Whilst a lot of advertisers have embraced digital marketing as the most efficient and effective way to reach their prospective clients, the three trends that are gaining traction fast on the market are mobile, programmatic and native advertising.

Mobile advertising

Brands are following the international trend of re-routing their ad spend to mobile because of its inherent advantages. Mobile advertising is the best solution because it has immense benefits that include reach, intimacy, personalisation, proximity and the devices are always on and connected.

It makes sense that advertising dollars are moving towards mobile in Africa as it is considered to be a “mobile” continent.

According to emarketer, a digital marketing portal for research insights and industry news, mobile ad spend in USA was $28.72 billion in 2015 and is set to rise by 2019.

Native advertising

What is native advertising? It is that advertising that matches the form and function of the platform and content context upon which it is displayed.
With emphasis being shifted to post-click actions on campaigns, native ads unlock immense value for brands.

Native ad formats like the ones offered by Adclick Africa are the answer to the annoyance experienced by audiences from intrusive ads. Additionally, native video ads offer great viewability and attract high click through rates.

Programmatic advertising

DSPs like Adclick Africa leverage programmatic technology to enable buyers to spend their ad spend more effectively. Research insights show that 66% of marketers plan to spend 40% of their digital budgets programmatically.

This is because programmatic advertising enhances campaign effectiveness in unparalled ways. How does it achieve this? Programmatic advertising is based on precompiled and segmented user data that is then used to buy the exact and relevant impressions as per the targeting required.

Other benefits include transparency, real-time monitoring of campaigns and the ability to connect advertisers with their audiences faster and smarter.

Mobile, native and programmatic advertising are more than buzz words as they represent the most cost effective way of attaining awesome campaign results. They are the best kind of advertising channels and formats for the African markets as well.

9 Feb 2016 10:36