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Adclick Africa launches new mobile DSP

Adclick Africa is proud to announce the launch of a mobile DSP serving advertisers across Africa. It's no secret that mobile is becoming the top medium to connect with African consumers and Adclick Africa is leading the way in connecting the African audience on mobile with advertisers.
Adclick Africa launches new mobile DSP

A mobile DSP helps connect advertisers with an audience of millions by aggregating multiple mobile ad exchanges and enabling real-time buying of mobile display inventory. This new innovation presents a prepaid self-serve system into the hands of advertisers allowing for greater flexibility in running mobile display campaigns.

The new mobile DSP, Adclick Mobile, gives advertisers the ability to buy media by bidding for impressions at their target price. Through Adclick Mobile we aim to bring back control and budget oversight back into the hands of advertisers. The mobile display market in South Africa has been predominately a sellers' market with publishers setting the prices and advertisers have been left with no option but to pay rates stated in the IO's provided by publishers. With our DSP this scenario changes and advertisers can work out what is the right price to reach their audiences while reaching their objectives.

Adclick Africa's CEO, Velly Bosega, says, "Our new mobile DSP will allow even smaller companies to be able to advertisers on this effective media, giving access to inventory which was previously only available to large advertisers."

About Adclick Africa

Adclick Africa Media Group is a diversified digital media company providing cutting-edge solutions for the Digital Media industry. We serve both publishers and advertisers, and help archive market-leading positions through a solutions approach to digital media. Over the past two years we have introduced industry-shaping technology to help drive the South African digital media industry forward. Whether you are a small advertiser or big publisher, our world-class technology innovations can help you get ahead.

28 Jul 2014 11:01