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Clockwork releases trends forecast for marketers: What you can't not know in 2024

Clockwork has released a comprehensive industry white paper and trends forecast that unpacks the marketing landscape's latest developments, current trends, and what to expect in the year to come.
Clockwork releases trends forecast for marketers: What you can't not know in 2024

The compelling paper includes five articles written by a variety of Clockwork contributors as well as an application framework to help readers put theories and plans into action. It features insights from experts in digital marketing, data analysis, digital strategy, and more.

“This is more than a trends piece, with the inclusion of a methodology that can assist in practically applying these trends into marketing plans for 2024. That’s why we’ve deliberately launched this trends piece ahead of the year-end planning season,” says Daniela White, Strategy Director at Clockwork.

Deep breaths, this isn’t the advertising apocalypse

Despite industry-wide disruptions in the form of changing cookie policies, Facebook’s decline, AI mayhem, and – everyone’s pet hate – ‘X’, the future of advertising isn’t as dire as people like to think. The Clockwork paper explores how to prepare for and navigate shifts in the landscape, stating that, “with a little perspective, readers will see that 2024 isn’t the rapture. It’s just Y2K with a few extra steps”.

The first part of the paper covers five topics:

  • The cookie is crumbling. Now what?
  • AI and the future of marketing: A glimpse into 2024
  • We’re in the ‘content creator’ era. Here’s how to make the most of it
  • The future of search: Zero clicks, social search, and AI
  • Platform changes in 2024: A future view on X, Threads, Meta, and TikTok

These pieces discuss what’s on everyone’s minds in a critical and thought-provoking way, while analysing what industry changes mean for marketers. Though it may be daunting, a cookie-less future presents an opportunity for innovation, ethics, and creativity. And, if the future of influence is nano, niche, tribal, and fanatical, isn’t it time to leverage content creator campaigns and tap into the power of engagement? Looking ahead, success in the industry will depend on agencies’ and clients’ ability to adapt. As pioneering computer scientist Grace Hopper said, “The most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘we’ve always done it this way’”.

More than just hypotheses

The problem with most thought pieces is that they think too much. They theorise this and hypothesise that but fail to provide meaningful advice on what to do. And doing is everything. That’s why the second part of the paper presents a framework for application. How do you use these insights to future-proof your marketing and communication?

Part 2 asks questions, interrogates data, and applies the trends that work for clients and campaigns. Clockwork’s practical guide can be used to understand how these trends will impact business, encouraging marketing and communications players to build key focus areas going into 2024.

The white paper is really about turning what seems like an advertising apocalypse into an easy-to-navigate near future in just a few simple steps. It encourages those in the industry to get ready to do what we should have done all along: change.

Download the full white paper here:

10 Oct 2023 11:12