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Klipdrift leads the way with zero sugar spirit cooler - Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar

South Africa's favourite brandy has its finger on the pulse of consumer lifestyle trends - that's the motivation behind the new Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar
Klipdrift leads the way with zero sugar spirit cooler - Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar

Klipdrift is firmly established as South Africa’s favourite brandy, and with good reason. It’s the smooth mixing and easy drinking brandy that South Africans can relate to, because it’s all about good times and unpretentious conversations with real friends.

Now South Africans can enjoy their favourite mix - with benefits! Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar is the latest addition to Klipdrift’s spirit cooler range, and it’s a game changer for the local brown spirits category. This delicious ready-to-drink spirit cooler offers the perfect balance of real pot still brandy with zero sugar cola to recreate the original taste, with far less guilt. Rich and full flavoured, with just 23 calories per 100ml.

We asked Brand Manager, Nadia Anthony what the motivation behind this bold move was and why this kind of innovation is the way of the future.

Q: What is the motivation behind the launch of Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar?

A: As the Klipdrift brand team, we work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest global and local drinks trends. We know that South African consumers are demanding wellness-focused beverages, including reduced-sugar variants, low-calorie and fortified carbonated soft drink options. With Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar we have recreated the original Klipdrift and Cola taste experience, with a zero-sugar option. This means fans of the “original” Klipdrift can now indulge in their favourite drink with less guilt and the same iconic taste.

There is also a growing trend across the drink’s category, with more and more consumers of spirits, wine and beer now looking for low or non-alcohol alternatives - either for being more mindful of what they consume or moderated lifestyle choices. The new Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar is lower in alcohol, with a 4% alcohol content and only 23 Calories per 100ml.

My goal is for Klipdrift to appeal more to a younger and mixed gender audience. By offering a lower alcohol and low calorie offering, I believe we can change the perception of the brandy category. Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar is a sessionable offering for all.

Q: Does this make business sense though?

A: Yes, it certainly does. According to the International Wine and Spirits Record (IWSR), the low- and no-alcohol market is expected to grow 34% by 2024. Their recent consumer research shows that over half of people consuming low- and no-beverages choose to switch between alcoholic and low- or no-alcohol drinks on the same occasion. Furthermore 76% of consumers say they will continue to drink low- or no-alcohol beverages “as regularly or more regularly than they do now’’ in 2021.

Klipdrift leads the way with zero sugar spirit cooler - Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar

Q: Klipdrift has been South Africa’s favourite since 1938, and loyal ‘Klippies’ consumers love the taste.   Do you foresee them trying the Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar and why?

A: Definitely! We’ve worked hard to recreate the taste of our original brandy mixer with the perfect balance of real pot still brandy with zero sugar cola. With just 23 Calories per 100ml, our loyal consumers can now enjoy their favourite drink with far less guilt. We’re also welcoming our more health conscious friends to join the party.

Q: What is the best way to drink the new Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar?

A: It’s definitely best served cold or over ice. Just like the ‘original’ you can enjoy it just about anywhere – whether you’re chilling at home catching up on the latest series or gaming; or enjoying the vibe whiling watching sport at the local pub or tavern.

Q: Where and when can people purchase the new Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar?

A: Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar will be available from July onwards in a convenient 275ml bottle at leading retail outlets and online liquor emporiums across the country line priced to Klipdrift & Cola Regular.

Q: Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar is a versatile drink that can be enjoyed with a tasty lunch or dinner and even with dessert. Which are your favourite dishes to pair it with?

A: At the top of my list for home entertaining is a chicken stir fry wrap, followed by a generous helping of vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate sauce. There’s also nothing to beat pairing Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar with a good old ‘Braaied Mielie’. Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar is an incredibly smooth offering best served with good conversation between friends. We believe in these occasions whether in person or virtually, the “golden moments” happen with Klipdrift.

The Klipdrift team is aiming to spread some cheer with its Classic Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar competition that kicks off at the end of August 2021. Where you could stand a chance to win, the grand prize of 1 of 4 PS5 gaming consoles; weekly R500,00 Athleisure Wear vouchers or Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar tasting hampers. All fans need to do is purchase a 6-pack of Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar at their local retailer. Then, simply WhatsApp “Hi” to 087 240 5522 or scan the QR code on pack, upload a pic of your till slip and follow the prompts to stand a chance to win!

To join the conversation on social media follow Klipdrift on Instagram @klipdriftbrandy;

Twitter @KlipdriftBrandy or on YouTube. #GoldBetweenFriends

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Well done Nadia!
Posted on 24 Aug 2021 12:05
Freakin Awesome!
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