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Hunter's continues to refresh SA this World Cider Day

Worldwide, 3 June is known as World Cider Day. A day for all cider fans to declare their love for this popular drink available in a wide variety of apple cider.
Hunter's continues to refresh SA this World Cider Day

Hunter’s Cider first entered the South African market in 1988. As one of the largest cider brands in the world and second largest in South Africa, the brand positioned itself as “Refreshing like nothing on Earth” with its very first variant – Hunter’s Gold.

Hunter's quickly gained popularity as a premium, masculine alternative to beer that could be enjoyed outdoors, and in social settings with friends. No matter the occasion, Hunter's started making an appearance all while growing in popularity. Not resting on its achievements, the brand quickly started to introduce new variants to the stable. Hunter's Dry was the first addition in 1998: a drier taste profile in a premium, green bottle with universal appeal. Hunter's Extreme followed in 2002 to extend beyond the existing offering into new wind-up occasions. "The Covid-19 pandemic was a trying time for all South African alcohol brands, with numerous alcohol sale bans. We proceeded to tap into the knowledge and understanding we have of our audience: staying top of mind, despite the ban. We did this by sponsoring the Lockdown House Party on DStv's Channel O every Friday and Saturday– hosting DJs and other guests for a variety of live performances.", says Anita Mubangizi, Marketing Manager at Hunter’s Cider.

The popularity of the Lockdown House Party grew rapidly as social distancing was enforced, and the show saw an explosion in viewership, trending weekly nationally, and at times, worldwide. EGTA (the European trade association for marketers of advertising solutions across (multiple) screens and/or audio platforms) has referenced this initiative as a winning concept during times of mayhem.

Despite the challenges faced by the industry the brand also managed to shoot two TV commercials, and introduce two new variants: Hunter’s Chilled (Non-Alcoholic), as well as the deliciously bold Hunter's Red Apple variant. But Hunter’s didn’t stop there: their new Hold My Hunter’s television commercial landed them the sought after position of being the 2nd most liked advert for Quarter 3 of 2020 in Kantar's Best Liked Ads line-up. The television commercial portrayed social distancing and the new realities of "virtual hangouts" with friends. "We take Covid responsibility seriously, and ensure that we are driving Stay Safe messaging to our audience – social distancing, and finding other creative ways to stay in touch with friends”, added Mubangizi .

The newest addition to the stable, Hunter's Red Apple, offers a burst of refreshment with its striking red colour and bold flavours, the perfect sidekick to any occasion – not too sweet, just the refreshing taste expected from Hunter's. "Following a challenging year, we continue to strive to achieve refreshment in all forms: refreshing taste, refreshing vibes, and refreshing The Culture. With a constantly evolving audience we always need to keep a refreshed perspective", concluded Mubangizi.

Here’s to staying refreshed this #WorldCiderDay
#HuntersRefreshes #StaySafe

Hunter's continues to refresh SA this World Cider Day

Hunter’s Cider promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18.

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3 Jun 2021 16:35