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Overview of SA Shares

SA Shares is a comprehensive financial and online and investment platform, which is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa's financial hub.

SA Shares was established in 2005 in order to provide extensive insights and investment advice regarding high ranking JSE-listed companies and has since expanded into a number of relevant and lucrative investment options, including Forex and crypto currencies.

The company operates as an independent South African brokerage and news platform and is successfully run by a team of expert brokers who are well-placed to assist prospective investors with all of their investment needs, from opening their portfolio to managing it on their behalf.

SA Shares’ news platform is headed by four full-time journalists who provide insightful and relevant market updates, as well as editorial pieces on worldwide economic and political developments which have an impact on various stock prices.

As such, SA Shares provides prospective investors with a central platform from which they may read informative reviews, buy shares across several pertinent financial markets, and remain abreast of market developments in order to make the most informed investment choices.

As the A-leading platform on JSE-listed stocks, as well as several other financial investment markets, users of SA Shares are able to make sound investments in any SA-listed firm or index, through the platform’s experienced and certified brokers.

Users of the SA Shares platform enjoy transparent, up-to-date and honest investment reviews and advice, which allows them to remain ahead of the markets at any point in the economic cycle.

JSE Top 40

This section provides a useful listed guide of the top 40 companies on the JSE by market capitalisation. Users are given access to comprehensive reviews which explore these companies’ history, their share growth drivers and an analysis of their market performance regarding their latest reports.

This allows investors to make an insightful summation of those companies that best suit their investment goals, while the analysis of these companies’ most recent results allows investors to keep track of growth trends in relation to wider market developments.

JSE Top 100

This section provides analyses of the JSE top 100 listed companies by market capitalisation. As with the JSE Top 40 list, this section gives users insight into the company’s background, its current operations and latest financial results.

Using these reviews, investors are able to find those companies which best match their investment strategies, and which feature shares that would contribute most profitably to their particular investment portfolios.

Investors can buy shares for all JSE-listed companies directly through the SA Shares website, which provides a straightforward guided process that is easy to follow for both first-time investors and those seeking to expand their portfolios.

Global shares

SA Shares provides access to some of the most popular and relevant global shares, also accompanied by insightful analyses and a detailed review of their latest results.

These updated reviews give transparent and honest insight into each company’s performance in relation to the latest global economic developments, allowing investors to make smart investment choices and correctly determine the best short-term or long-term decisions for their portfolio.

Forex platforms

This extremely comprehensive section on the SA Shares website gives prospective Forex traders fantastic resources with which to make the best investment decisions.

There is a useful discussion of the most pertinent aspects of Forex trading, such as interest rate swaps, halal Forex trading, scalping, futures trading and more.

Forex traders are also provided access to transparent reviews of hundreds of the top Forex brokers like Hot Forex, XM and Exness, allowing them to make the best choice regarding the broker best suited to their Forex trading strategy.

These reviews cover everything a prospective trader might need to know, including broker regulation, lowest spread Forex brokers, trading platforms, market instruments, research and educational resources and an honest list of pros and cons.

Best shares to buy

This is a particularly useful section, which covers the top 20 best performing shares for the financial year, based on JSE-listed company share prices.
As such, this section is an extremely useful resource for tracking the best shares to watch, which offer the highest dividend payouts.

The section also includes a handy FAQ section, which acts as a comprehensive investment guide regarding the best stocks to buy, best-performing market sectors and the best stocks to purchase for beginners.

Government bonds

Though a more unconventional investment choice, SA Shares’ government bonds section provides a lucrative investment opportunity directly from the SA Shares platform.

Investing in government bonds is a new market, which offers massive returns while contributing to the increase in government funds in turn.
As such, investing in government bonds allows investors to tap into a lucrative opportunity while supporting the raising of government capital which is used for a number of social services.

SA Shares’ government bonds section comes with a filter through which prospective investors input their relevant information before being contacted by a broker for a tailored investment consultation.

Blog and social media

SA Shares runs successful and impactful social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, across which followers are kept updated on relevant and pertinent market news.

The company’s blog is a fantastic research and educational resource which provides a wealth of articles on various important aspects of investing as well as trading.

Some of these topics include advice on changes to your investment portfolio, various forex concepts, and a number of beginner’s guides to investment aspects such as momentum trading and CFD trading.

The blog also features a daily round-up of the most important business stories, making this an essential and impactful source of news, insights, and market movements, all of which allow investors to adapt their strategies in a timeous and successful manner.


SA Shares is a comprehensive online brokerage platform and investment news hub, which presents an excellent resource for investors and traders of all levels and styles.

The platform provides extensive and well-researched reviews, insights and advice, headed by a team of dedicated professionals with more than 30 years of experience, who are fully capable of delivering successful and finely honed investment portfolios.

SA Shares is dedicated to providing the best strategic advice for every type of investor in any kind of investment climate, with low commission on trades, so that those who choose to make use of this dynamic and resource-rich platform will enjoy a long and lucrative investment partnership.

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