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Future-proof marketing - Marketing with meaning and purpose

On Thursday, 27 June 2019, Afrika Tikkun will be speaking on purpose-led marketing at the Marketing Achievement Awards and Summit (endorsed by the Marketing Association of South Africa) at Sun City Resort in the North West Province.
Future-proof marketing - Marketing with meaning and purpose

Under the theme ‘marketing with meaning and purpose’, Afrika Tikkun provides great insight into focus-led communications.

Meaningful marketing revolves around a company's greater purpose beyond just selling their products and services. In a recent publication by Accenture it is stated that “customers aren’t just making decisions based on the stalwarts of product selection or price. They’re now assessing what a brand says. What it does. What it stands for.” They aren’t chasing quantity but quality. They are seeking authenticity and relevance. They want to feel as though they are a part of something bigger. They are driven to connect, to grow, to make a difference. They are buying on belief.

The opportunity therefore lies in the recognition of the power of humanity to drive business and consequently build more authentic relationships with customers. When the heart of the brand narrative becomes a cause that customers want to support it creates a new tone to brand communications that captures potential customers and turns them into passionate brand ambassadors. Purpose-driven marketing sets brands apart from each other and lets consumers know that the organisation isn’t just in it to make money.

Beginning with a purpose that serves a genuine need is key. This purpose should then be embodied in every aspect of the organisation and communications at every level of the business should reflect the brand mission.

Join the debate around future-proofing marketing as guests celebrate, learn and connect. For any enquiries about the event please contact 011 083 7842,, or visit Click here to reserve your spot and to download the programme.

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20 Jun 2019 13:35


About the author

Onyi Nwaneri is the Marketing and Partnerships Executive from Afrika Tikkun.