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Coronation drops minimum investment amount to R1

And encourages young South Africans to save by offering a 10% top-up in September

To celebrate its 25th birthday, Coronation has dropped its minimum investment amount from R5000 to R1, and is contributing a 10% top-up on investments made via its becauseitsyourmoney investment channel during the month of September.

Coronation drops minimum investment amount to R1

Commenting on the rationale behind this innovative campaign, head of Coronation Personal Investments Pieter Koekemoer says, “We want to help more young South Africans become part of the investment community and encourage them to save by contributing an extra 10% to their invested amount, up to a maximum of R250.”

According to Koekemoer, many young South Africans may have thought of investing, but have been discouraged from taking the first step, either due to the perceived complexity of the process or the amounts that may be required to become an investor. “The becauseitsyourmoney platform demonstrates that no amount is too small, and it is giving first-time investors a chance to experience being an investor without any obligation.”

Easier than ever to invest with Coronation

Koekemoer explains that the becauseitsyourmoney investment channel allows new investors to start their investment journey with Coronation via their mobile phones in less than five minutes. “Investors simply need to take a photo of their ID or passport document, a recent bank statement, proof of address (if not displayed on their bank statement) and a photo of their signature.”

To further simplify this process, becauseitsyourmoney offers a single fund option - Coronation Market Plus. Says Koekemoer: “The Market Plus fund is a good place to start as a long-term investor. It offers our best investment view across all asset classes including domestic and international shares, listed property and bonds. As such, the fund aims to grow your money at lower levels of risk than investing in shares only.” He adds that the recommended investment time horizon is at least five years, but investors are free to take their money out whenever they want.

Koekemoer concludes that Coronation manages money on behalf of millions of South Africans, a responsibility it takes very seriously. “By offering a simplified process through the becauseitsyourmoney investment channel, we want to give more young South Africans access to the ability to grow their savings over time.”

5 Sep 2018 15:24