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How coaching skills ignite potential and performance

Extreme swimmer, Ryan Stramrood joins Sacap free coaching webinar
How coaching skills ignite potential and performance

While you may decide to learn how to coach to help others reach their potential, getting a quality coaching education is a transformative experience with the potential to also positively impact on all aspects of your own life – from work to personal goals and your important relationships. Inspirational storyteller and extreme swimmer, Ryan Stramrood joins the experts from Sacap (the South African College of Applied Psychology) for an upcoming free webinar that unpacks the benefits of coaching education.

For Ryan, who in between extraordinary, often record-breaking open-water swims in the world’s coldest oceans, runs a successful sales business and raises a family, learning how to coach was a natural step in yet another endeavour, his work as a global inspirational speaker. He says, “As a keynote speaker on stages around the world addressing thousands of people, I find there are many individuals who also want to engage with me one-on-one after an event because they want guidance on a variety of issues in their lives and careers. I felt that it was time to better equip myself to offer that guidance, and that’s why I pursued a formal coaching qualification with Sacap.”

Sacap’s Coaching Skills for Managers is a short online course aimed at leaders, not just in the corporate field but those like Ryan who have their own business and are working with teams and individuals to achieve high-level goals. He will be joining Dr Svea van Hoorn, a Master Coach and Sacap coach educator, on the Sacap webinar panel. Dr van Hoorn points out that coaching education provides managers and leaders with a distinct skills-set that can be more effective when it comes to igniting performance and enabling others to reach their highest potential. “Coaching enables managers to partner with employees to cultivate growth while creating the results the organisation requires,” she says. “This partnering approach adds much more to a managers’ communication skills-set because typically they are adept at instructing, which has its limitations in a 21st Century workplace where you want much more than compliance from employees – you want their creativity and their full engagement. Coaching significantly expands a leader’s communication skills. They learn how to inquire and how to offer observations, empowering people to find optimal solutions and cultivating accountability.”

Ryan can attest to the fact that achieving high-levels of performance is not something left to chance. This is a reality for him where swimming for long hours in waters too freezing for the human body has been a visceral test of harnessing the power of the mind to achieve outstanding goals. Getting a coaching education has given him a context, a structure and a set of tools when it comes to guiding others as they work towards their important goals. “Through the Sacap coaching skills course, I was shown very clearly that there is a bigger picture to consider, and various tried and tested processes one can follow,” he says. “This gave me the tools to organise my thoughts and communicate my guidance way better than before. The course has given me a new level of confidence in my ability to help others as well as an understanding of some of the issues I experience with my own challenges and a great structure to work through them.”

To find out more about how coaching can help people to develop self-belief and self-motivation, clarity and commitment, as well as awareness, responsibility and readiness to act, join the free Sacap Coaching Skills for Managers webinar. Course alumni and extreme swimmer, Ryan Stramrood and internationally accredited coach, Svea van der Hoorn will be hosting the one-hour event and you will be able to join them in conversation through the live Q&A session.

Sacap Coaching Skills for Managers Webinar

Date: Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Time: 6-7pm

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16 Aug 2021 16:46