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Unjudge Someone - The Human Library Facebook Live series

SACAP (The South African College of Applied Psychology) in partnership with the Human Library South Africa is hosting a Human Library Facebook Live book series. Running weekly until 12 December, book titles include "A Domestic Violence Survivor", "Living HIV+" and "Living with Depression".

The Human Library™ is where the books are people with incredible life stories and the readers get to ask the books questions. It’s a positive and safe space in which stereotypes are challenged and prejudices broken down through dialogue and understanding. Traditionally the Human Library is hosted in a face-to-face environment but this live digital experience is a Human Library first, enabling people from all over South African to join the conversation.

This week’s book is Zeta. She is a survivor of drug addiction, rape and domestic abuse. On Thursday, 29 November, at 12pm Zeta will be in conversation with SACAP CEO Lance Katz. Join them live on Facebook to hear her story, ask questions and shatter some misconceptions.

On Friday, 7 December, the Human Library Facebook Live book series will be in conversation with Brett “Living HIV+” and then on Wednesday, 12 December with Pierre “Living with Depression”.

Watch the first Facebook Live with Kgotose, “A Young Cancer Survivor”:

Why is it so important, especially in South Africa, to have dialogues around the issues that are currently affecting society? “Dialogue opens up opportunity for engagement, the kind of engagement that enables us to better understand each other’s humanity”, says Dr Laura Fisher, Head of Strategic Development at SACAP, who will be in conversation with Brett on 12th December. “All of us come from different families, have unique backgrounds as well as special and sometimes unusual life experiences. Dialogue creates space where we come to know each other better, come to understand our shared humanity and move toward deeper sensitivity and empathy for each-other. Holding dialogue around issues currently affecting society does the same, opening the possibility for shared experience and deepened insight and understanding that enables us to innovate together.”

The Human Library was initiated in Copenhagen in 2000 to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. 18 years down-the-line the Human Library concept has spread to many countries internationally and launched in Cape Town in late 2017. For more information about the Human Library visit their Facebook page:

29 Nov 2018 11:33