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Rocket Creative designs with reverse innovation for entry level display product

Finding ways to engage larger target markets and get a product exposed to a greater audience in a greater amount of locations is the key to generating increased sales in emerging markets. In order to do this it is critical for a successful marketing budget to have very cost-effective advertising mediums.

"By adopting a reverse innovation approach, Rocket Creative has designed a range of elements specifically targeted at the entry level sector of the market. These units are designed with budget and simplicity being the primary parameters, whilst maintaining the units core functionality as well as the brands aesthetics", so says Diana Sellers, sales manager at Rocket Creative.

Richard Nilson, MD at Rocket Creative elaborates, "The team set the impossible-sounding goal of creating products whose aesthetics and functionality would resemble that of the company's existing products, but at half and sometimes one-third the cost of the traditional options. This allows brands to spend the same amount or even less on a product launch, but be able to generate twice as much market presence which in turn relates to an increase in sales."

Rocket Creative targets three distinctive areas of demand, namely in-store promotion, product merchandising and branding elements.

16 Jul 2012 10:13