Mark1 launches new website

We are proud to launch our new and improved website today! was designed by Mark1 Labs in collaboration with the Cape Town-based ‘Go Responsive' team.
Mark1 launches new website

    "We’ve known the guys from Mark1 for a while now, so when they approached us to build and create their new website, we knew we had to pull out all the stops to produce something amazing to showcase who they are and what they do. We collaborated with their amazing team to create a clean, minimal, spacious design and brought in splashes of colour and movement to add some playful elements, while still maintaining a professional aesthetic. We built the site on a cutting-edge technology stack to ensure the new Mark1 site is fast, secure and future-proof.” - Responsive Studio
Our previous site was designed in 2014 and we felt the time had come to have a website that more accurately reflects Mark1 as an industry-leading digital media execution business. As our team continues to evolve alongside our technologies, it follows that our website should too.

So, what’s new?

From a design perspective, we have changed pretty much everything. Over the past year, we have done a gradual rebrand. We have a new logo, new fonts, new colours, we even have new services, such as ‘Premium’ and ‘Data’. The new is the culmination of months of hard work and we are thrilled to unveil it.

From a usability and navigation point of view, we have created a homepage that provides the user with a quick, yet comprehensive, overview of everything that Mark1 does. We want the user to be able to gain any and all relevant information as quickly as possible, with the option to further explore the services and case studies should they desire to do so.

Key sections for us include:
  • The new segmentation of the services
  • The in-depth look at the case studies
  • A blog designed in a modern masonry style.
“The goal of the new website is to provide our visitors with an easy way to learn about our services and solutions. We want visitor to browse information based on their own choices, making information as accessible as possible.

"The new site is interactive and gives better access to important touch points, such as service, thought leadership articles and our case studies, which highlight the projects we have completed and outlines the value created for each client.

"Sticking to UX best practice, we were able to make the site informative and fun through the use of simple navigation and subtle animations.

"A shout out and thanks to all the guys from Go Responsive for meeting all our requirements and for making the entire process seamless and problem free."
- Brendan Sterley, Creative Director, Mark1 Labs

16 May 2017 11:56



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Julia Ye
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