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The Mazda CX-30 is launching and you're invited. And you, and you, and you

The brand new and much-anticipated Mazda CX-30 was recently launched in South Africa, so naturally Grey was tasked with introducing this world-class car to the country. Looking at the vehicle, one thing was evident from the get-go: it's so incredibly and meticulously designed that you'd swear it was made just for you.

How do you demonstrate that, no matter who you are, the car will feel like it’s been carefully considered with each individual in mind? Grey Advertising didn’t turn to actors. Instead, we put an ordinary, diverse group of people in front of the camera and showcased just how different drivers are, ending the film by showing that the car caters for each one. And, of course, the campaign line: “You’d swear it was made just for you.”

It’s a demonstration of inclusivity that is rare in the vehicle market, one delivered with engaging charm as real-life character traits came to the fore during filming. While watching, you meet the chilled one, the pedantic one, the curious one, the strong-willed one; all of whom are completely at home behind the wheel of the new Mazda CX-30.

“We are evolving the Mazda brand to one that stands out in the vehicle market. One that looks at creative solutions from a different angle. With Grey in our corner, this will be the first of many pieces that challenge the typical vehicle marketing that the audience has become so used to over the years.” – Claudia Walters, Mazda’s head of marketing and communications

Grey chose to work with Chloe Coetsee of Darling Films as she shared our vision to create a piece that had a real humanness without sacrificing the sophistication of the Mazda brand.

"As creatives, we're always trying to push creativity for the good of the brand and when you come across a marketing team that has the same appetite for great work - like the team at Mazda - that's when the magic happens." - Marais Janse van Rensburg, creative director

3 Mar 2021 09:32