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Connecting young SA

New website delivers news to the youth of South Africa
Connecting young SA

Daily news publication, The Citizen, has announced the launch of an innovative news website. Connect is a vibrant new subdivision of The Citizen. The site aims to fill the current gap in South African media coverage by targeting young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 looking to access news that is relevant to their lives and easy to consume.

Launched in February 2015, Connect has already begun drawing in excess of 500 unique visitors per day. Editor of The Citizen, Steven Motale, said, "The Citizen Connect is an exciting venture into a new era of journalism. This platform will give us the opportunity to interact with our young readers and give them more news, their way. Connect has a big focus on multimedia and video content, bringing a new dimension to the way we tell the news."

Connect uses a variety of multimedia tools in order to share news with the intended target market in a more appealing way. In doing so, we are able to ensure that visitors can relate to and enjoy the content on the site, while still taking part in serious discussions about how our country is run. Whether they enjoy reading, seeing photos, or watching videos, visitors will find easy-to-consume content that is relevant to their lives on Connect.

Connect is for the youth, by the youth. The website is run by a dynamic, young team of content producing superheroes, whose role is to ensure that the content is relevant to the visitors. Motale said, "We hope that our young readers will use this space to have dynamic and robust debates about issues that are relevant to them".

Over the month of March 2015, the Connect team will be visiting university campuses around Johannesburg to interact with readers and investigate their content needs further.

About Connect

Connect is an online, mobile-focused, news publication, which aims to bring interesting, relevant news to young South Africans. Every weekday at least five compelling new stories, covering a variety of topics, are uploaded onto the site for visitors to enjoy. Social media platforms are used to build up a sense of community and to reach the desired market.

Connect is a new division and product from The Citizen, aiming to give young readers More News. Your Way.

Visitors can go to

For more information, please contact Kelly Pattison on az.oc.nezitic@pyllek or 011 248 6014.

16 Mar 2015 08:42