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A road trip to success - the journey of eVOD

In just 15 months since launch and counting nearly 600,000 registrations, eVOD is on a journey to wow streamers with amazing content. eVOD is currently the fastest-growing subscription-free streaming service and is becoming everyone's favourite place to find local and international content. EVOD is releasing its 12th local production since it took off on the adventurous road of streaming.
A road trip to success - the journey of eVOD

A little less than a month after the local movie Gereza and fourth local series Splintered Pieces was released, another hit called My Favourite Place will be available to capture audiences with beautiful scenery and soulful music on a youngster’s journey of discovery. The road ahead looks bright as eVOD currently clocks up 45 million viewing minutes on average per month. The journey is full of surprises, with another release planned just in time for the festive season in December.

My Favourite Place is an inspiring coming-of-age fable and a life-changing journey. Nelisa Vena’s (played by Tumie Ngumla) life has never been the same since the death of her sister Anathi. On the last day of their high school careers, she and three friends (Tiny, Cwaita, and Zongi) from the roughest township in East London embark on a life-defining trip by stealing a taxi and heading to the remote landmark of Hole in the Wall, where Xhosa legend has it you can talk to the dead.

Viewers can relate to some pit stops along the way as the movie grapples with acceptance after trauma, the search for identity, friendship, choices, and self-discovery as the travel companions arrive on the brink of the adult world. The story gives a fresh perspective on the conflict between finding who you are and who you’re supposed to be.

My Favourite Place is sure to touch the hearts of young and old – so many relatable life challenges for the young. For the old – a trip down memory lane and maybe a reveal of buried and forgotten wishes. The cast includes Awethu Hleli (Tiny), Khayakazi Kula (Cwaita), and Niza Jay (Zongi).

My Favourite Place is available exclusively on eVOD from 15 November 2022. Catch a glimpse of the movie here:

EVOD is eMedia’s online streaming platform, launched in August 2021, allowing viewers to watch movies, series, Afrikaans telenovelas, documentaries, and much more on any device, at any time. Some of the most popular movies viewed on eVOD are Piet’s Sake (starring the late Jamie Bartlett), Atlantis, Abafana Ababi, and lately, Umbrella Men – one of the most recently added locally produced movies. Elif, Dr. Ali, Is’Phindiselo, and Housewives are some of the most viewed series – showing a strong affinity for local content and Turkish/Afrikaans telenovelas. House of Zwide is also the most viewed using the Catch-Up feature on eVOD.

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15 Nov 2022 09:48