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PenQuin International shoots first TVC with a SLR for Suzuki

Specialist marketing and advertising solutions company PenQuin International not only had the opportunity to shoot Suzuki Auto South Africa's most recent locally produced television ad, but also took the innovation one step further by shooting it on a Canon 7D SLR digital still and video camera.
PenQuin International shoots first TVC with a SLR for Suzuki

Suzuki's brief to PenQuin was to create a TVC that would showcase the diverse product line up available in South Africa and cement the Suzuki brand position in the country. As with every campaign and Suzuki's "low impact" approach, the objectives were set out as follows: create impact with minimum cost, showcase the vehicles and display a uniquely South African 'Way of Life'.

"Although we've shot two previous ads the traditional way and produced several local animated pieces, it's the first time that we've attempted creating a TVC by solely using an SLR camera for a client and the results blew us away," says PenQuin's Creative Director Stephan du Toit. "The completed result has the potential to be used by Suzuki Auto internationally which we of course are thrilled about."

PenQuin International shoots first TVC with a SLR for Suzuki

PenQuin has in the past had to use international material for its TV ads, but when Suzuki Auto handed them an opportunity to shoot a local commercial with a limited budget, the team opted to try the SLR camera route. "We fought hard to do local production and secure a budget for this TVC, which we achieved by introducing innovative production techniques," he says.

"We used a variety of lenses to pull it together, and had a skeleton crew to do the job - just a fifth of the personnel that would normally be required for the same task. In addition, we were able to cut client's costs dramatically. The total ad took just three days to shoot and one week to edit - we completed it in record time."

PenQuin International shoots first TVC with a SLR for Suzuki

The ad is currently flighting on SABC 2 and 3; DStv and M-Net. Apart from the traditional 30" ad, a one minute corporate video and TV ad have also been produced.

National Marketing Manager for Suzuki Auto South Africa, Francois van Eeden adds, "PenQuin really pulled off a great visual result for us, in a short time period with a limited budget. We're really impressed and will certainly do it again. Who says South Africa is lagging in the creative field?"

The team on the campaign were: Stephan du Toit, creative director; Veronica Wainstein, account director; Marc Hebert, film director from the campaign's production company "The Unleashed"; Martin Eybers, art director and photographer; Megan MacDonald and Charl Grobler from Suzuki Auto South Africa; Bernie Smit, agency producer; Ryan Bronkhorst, animation; motorcycle stunt and SA Motocross champion Richie van der Westhuizen and plane stunt and team Suzuki Aerobatic pilot Johnie Smith.

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25 May 2010 11:36