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Merchant West Group Press Office
The Merchant West Group is a leading South African provider of diverse financial services, owning JSE-listed debt securities. It is one of the largest private entities delivering specialised financial solutions.
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Trade finance simplified with Merchant West working capital solutions
Companies constantly seek ways to enhance efficiency, ensuring their productive assets deliver the required quantity and quality output, managing cash flow effectively, and addressing economic challenges like energy crises, labour costs, and rising interest rates. Staying competitive in the face of local and international demands requires a strategic approach. 1 Dec 2023 Read more

A slow growth environment releases cash - what to do now?
In South Africa's sluggish economic landscape, companies surprisingly free up cash by shortening their working capital cycles due to reduced demand, leading to lower sales and debtor balances. 7 Nov 2023 Read more

Filling SA's lending gap
Agility, quick turnaround, and personalised service gives the group an edge over traditional lenders. 6 Nov 2023 Read more