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Startup owners should seek business advice online
The Covid-19 lockdown has forced many of us to take things online, whether it was to do online banking for the first time or to do online events via Zoom (and other platforms). 23 Oct 2023 Read more

SME South Africa
Grow your business network to increase revenue
Many successful entrepreneurs and business owners have spoken about how personal connections and a business network contributed to the success of their companies. 23 Oct 2023 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa puts Bonitas on the podium with New Generation Awards 2023
Adclick Africa, a leading digital marketing agency, is proud to announce its outstanding performance at the prestigious New Generation Social and Digital Media Awards 2023. The agency emerged as a finalist in two coveted categories, Agency of the Year and Best Revenue Generating Marketing Campaign, and clinched a prestigious Bronze award for the Bonitas Medical Fund Price Freeze campaign. 4 Oct 2023 Read more

How business mentorship could save your company
How do you generate more sales and quality leads as an owner of a small business? How can you make money on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork? And how do you identify red flags when onboarding new clients, to ultimately not lose money in the end? 21 Sep 2023 Read more

SME South Africa
Want to get funding for your small business? Do this first
Lack of funding support is a major obstacle for small business owners in South Africa. According to the new 2023 State of Entrepreneurship in South Africa Survey conducted by the Entrepreneurs' Organisation (EO) South Africa, only 10.1% of respondents reported to ever receiving government support. 21 Sep 2023 Read more

Startwise Engage: Free forum connecting entrepreneurs with experts
Startwise, a leading platform for entrepreneurial growth, is proud to announce the release of their highly anticipated forum feature. Startwise Engage revolutionises the way entrepreneurs interact with experienced experts, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business success. 10 Jul 2023 Read more

SME South Africa
New digital community for startup founders to launch
SME South Africa is launching a new, digital community that aims to help early stage entrepreneurs to connect with experienced founders of startups and business owners. 10 Jul 2023 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa partners with Admazing to reach premium mobile game audiences
Adclick Media, a division of Adclick Africa, is excited to announce its new media sales partnership with Admazing, a leading platform that enables marketers to maximise their Return on Investment (ROI) for mobile marketing campaigns. This strategic collaboration aims to leverage Admazing's capabilities to reach high-quality audiences with compelling creatives, ultimately driving impactful results for brands. 29 Jun 2023 Read more

SME South Africa
Trends every SME should look into in 2023
Small businesses were hard hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, but SMEs are known to be resilient and have the flexibility to bounce back when hit with extreme circumstances. According to Business Tech, existing debt, lack of cash reserves, outdated financials, no access to relief funding, and an inability to operate during the lockdown, forced the closure of 42.7% of small businesses. 1 Feb 2023 Read more

Startwise announced as the 'National Startup Champion' winner
Startwise, a virtual, on-demand consulting platform where small business owners can connect with experts to obtain mentoring and coaching has been announced as the winner of the 'National Startup Champion' award at the NSBC Small Business Awards ceremony held on 17 November 2022. 28 Nov 2022 Read more

Learn how you can double your profits in 6 months with Startwise
The end of the year is a great time to reflect on the year but also to start planning for the year ahead. Many small businesses often become stagnant and show no prospects of growth, and thereafter fail. 18 Oct 2022 Read more

Startwise unpacks 2023 Digital Marketing Trends with Cleo Johnson
With year-end fast approaching, planning for 2023 marketing is well underway for many big brands and small businesses across South Africa. 5 Oct 2022 Read more

Adclick Africa
Moya app reaches mass-market consumers with data-free engagement
In South Africa, marketers and agencies alike still rely on traditional media to reach the mass market, sticking to what they know rather than venturing into the digital world of potential. At Adclick Africa we have since realised the need to evolve our digital marketing solutions to find new ways of reaching mass-market consumers. 3 Aug 2022 Read more

Adclick Africa
6 video marketing tactics to improve your lead generation
All businesses and organisations should consider how they can integrate video content into their overall marketing strategy. Video is used across several channels and at different stages of the marketing funnel, in different ways. In fact, it is also one of the 10 top trends Adclick Africa have seen on the horizon for 2022. 7 Jun 2022 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa has just released their Digital Marketing Trends guide for 2022
Let's put a spin on how we approach digital trends in 2022. All marketers search the internet for ideas and try to keep on-top of what's happening in the digital space. But how many are able to digest what they read and turn it into realistic and measurable actions. 19 Apr 2022 Read more

Adclick Africa
2022 SEO Checklist for all businesses
Organisations have their 2022 marketing strategies ready and most hit the ground running. But how many can say they have a strategy in place to optimise their SEO? While one can search for many local SEO strategies and checklists, international ones or even e-commerce SEO tips, Velly Bosega, CEO of Adclick Africa's biggest tip for medium to large organisations for SEO in 2022 is to get back to basics. 7 Apr 2022 Read more

How to find a virtual mentor in 2022
How many entrepreneurs in South Africa know the value of a mentor? Before we tell you how to find a virtual mentor in 2022, Here is the definition of a mentor and how entrepreneurs and startups could benefit from having one. 14 Mar 2022 Read more

Business plug: Fast and convenient way to find service providers near you
There is nothing more frustrating than looking for a service provider in the fields of business, marketing, web development, IT and many more but you just don't know where to start. 8 Mar 2022 Read more

WhatsApp to grow your small business
WhatsApp Business can help boost awareness of your products and services, answer any FAQs timeously and enable you to connect with your customers on a more personal level. 10 Nov 2021 Read more

Synergise with digital-out-of-home advertising
We all know the traditional Out-Of-Home (OOH) as a form of outdoor advertising such as billboards and the like. With most marketing channels going digital, it only makes sense for OOH to take a step in the same direction. 5 Oct 2021 Read more

Go from zero to 1,000 customers
It's near impossible for a new business to launch with thousands of customers. This is because finding customers is an obstacle that many budding business owners face, often because they don't know where and how to market their businesses. 30 Aug 2021 Read more

Successfully grow your SMME by consulting with an expert
We hear and talk about the importance of having a business mentor when considering expanding a business. Sometimes the perspective of an external consultant can help guide you on a stronger path. As an SMME grows, so do the requirements for extra skill sets and managers to help support you. 19 Aug 2021 Read more

SME South Africa
SME South Africa makes it easier for business owners to buy business solutions
SME South Africa announced on Friday, 2 July, the expansion of its online platform with the introduction of a powerful e-commerce solution. SME South Africa is a content hub that provides entrepreneurs with business tools and resources to further develop their businesses. 7 Jul 2021 Read more

SME South Africa
5 reasons small businesses should be using online marketplaces
Lead-based marketing should be a part of all small businesses' digital marketing efforts. In the wake of the global Covid-19 crisis, it has never been more important for businesses to get access to qualified leads and generate sales, especially if they are to stay afloat. 13 May 2021 Read more

SME South Africa
New e-commerce platform makes it easier for business owners to buy the right tech solutions
SME South Africa has launched an e-commerce platform to help business owners purchase the tech tools and business solutions they need to grow their businesses. The new launch, called SME Solutions, forms part of SME South Africa's mission to increase technology use among SMEs. 14 Apr 2021 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa helps South African SMEs comply with the PoPI Act before deadline
As we head into the year, the one date businesses and marketers need to keep top-of-mind is the deadline for the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI Act or PoPIA). 1 Mar 2021 Read more

SME South Africa
How B2B service marketplace, Serv, is helping SMEs with market access challenges
Marketplaces are nothing new, however Serv, an exciting new online marketplace, is taking an innovative approach to the model by connecting qualified B2B service providers with entrepreneurs in need of key business services. Some of the services which can be found on Serv are accounting, marketing, business services, web development, IT, logistics, HR and law. 26 Feb 2021 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick website launch 2021
Adclick Africa, South Africa's leading performance marketing agency launches its new website in 2021. It boasts a more user-friendly experience with an always-on approach to communication. 12 Feb 2021 Read more

SME South Africa
SME South Africa launches free guides to help SMEs navigate the challenges of Covid-19
The Covid-19 pandemic has already significantly impacted local businesses and will have a notable and potentially lasting impact on our economy. 11 Feb 2021 Read more

SME South Africa
Serv: South Africa's first SME B2B marketplace
According to the Assessment of South Africa's SME Landscape Report conducted by SME South Africa, access to markets is a huge challenge for 52% of SME owners in South Africa and up to 40% of these owners find the industries they are operating in extremely competitive. SME South Africa, an online resource platform that provides strategic content and resources that help SMEs, recently launched South Africa's first B2B marketplace that caters solely for SMEs. 5 Nov 2020 Read more

SME South Africa
SME South Africa launches online B2B service marketplace for SMEs
SME South Africa, the leading business resource platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses, launched, a B2B service marketplace. 3 Sep 2020 Read more

SME South Africa
SME South Africa launches the Women's Month campaign 'Breaking the Funding Glass Ceiling'
SME South Africa commemorates Women's Month 2020 with the launch of the 'Breaking the Funding Glass Ceiling' series, sponsored by Nedbank. 11 Aug 2020 Read more

SME South Africa
SME South Africa launches white paper offering insight into how small businesses are using tech
Half of South Africa's SME owners indicate that technology poses a challenge in the running of their businesses. This is according to the SME Landscape Report: An Assessment of South Africa's SME Landscape: Challenges, Opportunities, Risks & Next Steps' 2018/2019 (SME Landscape Report). 8 Apr 2020 Read more

SME South Africa
4 steps to follow to win your next business opportunity
Preparation can help you win future business opportunities, such as a chance to pitch in front of an important investor, or a meeting with a big client that has the potential to change your entire business. 5 Mar 2019 Read more

SME South Africa
How corporates and SMEs are winning at Enterprise Supplier Development plus success stories
Meeting B-BBEE compliance requirements is one of the ways corporates benefit from Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD). In order to gain B-BBEE scorecard points corporates need to show that they are developing SMEs. 26 Feb 2019 Read more

SME South Africa
Must-have communication and management skills for better business leadership
Did you know that how you communicate with your staff can ultimately make or break a healthy workforce? If effective communication strategies are not in place, it can lead to high staff turnover or worse, bad service for your customers. 19 Feb 2019 Read more

SME South Africa
14 business ideas for students who want to start a side hustle
"When it comes to business ideas for learners (university students), the biggest tip I can give is to look at your circumstances and environment and try to identify where the biggest challenges are," says Jalal Ghiassi-Razavi, association director at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. 14 Feb 2019 Read more

SME South Africa
How to be a fitter, wealthier entrepreneur
The fitter you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, the better you can manage stress and negotiate the ups and downs of running a business, says Erika Kruger, a Workplace Wellness Consultant and entrepreneur. 7 Feb 2019 Read more

SME South Africa
2018/2019 SME South Africa's SME landscape survey results
The majority of South African small businesses generate revenue of less than R200,000 annually and nearly half of SMEs employ between two to five employees, according to the SME landscape report, An Assessment of South Africa's SME Landscape: Challenges, Opportunities, Risks & Next Steps' 2018/2019. The report was launched by SME South Africa in Johannesburg. 28 Nov 2018 Read more

SME South Africa
SME South Africa to launch its first SME Landscape Report
SME South Africa launches its inaugural SME Landscape Report 2018/2019 on Wednesday, 21 November 2018, in Johannesburg. 21 Nov 2018 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa sponsors FEDHASA Golf Day
Adclick Africa, South Africa's leading performance marketing agency for the hospitality industry, is proud to announce that it is one of the sponsors of FEDHASA Inland's Golf Day to be held at the Kyalami Golf Course on Friday, 20 April 2018. Over 150 c-suite executives from different hotels are expected to participate at this grand event. 11 Apr 2018 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa rebrands
Adclick Africa, South Africa's leading performance-driven digital agency, is pleased to announce that it is now offering direct booking solutions to hoteliers in the country. This announcement was made by Adclick Africa's CEO, Velly Bosega, at a launch party held on 9 February 2018. 15 Feb 2018 Read more

Direct bookings set to redefine hotel marketing
Guerilla Marketing, a specialist digital agency for hoteliers in South Africa, recently hosted a groundbreaking direct booking summit in Cape Town on 25 October 2017. 9 Nov 2017 Read more

Adclick Africa
Direct Booking Indaba 2017 - Unpacking tactics that boost revenue
Direct Booking Africa, powered by Guerilla Marketing, is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a groundbreaking Direct Booking Indaba 2017 in Cape Town on 25 October 2017 at the Protea Fire & Ice Hotel. 3 Oct 2017 Read more

Tourism Marketing Indaba 2017 - Tactics for engaging the modern traveller
Guerilla Marketing, a digital marketing agency for the travel and tourism industry, is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a definitive half-day digital marketing bootcamp at The Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort on 27 July 2017. 7 Jun 2017 Read more

How to use social media to influence direct bookings
According to the 2017 edition of the SA Social Media Landscape, by World Wide Worx and Ornico, in the next year we will see the use of as many social media platforms becoming pervasive as marketing tools. In 2016, a study on 116 major South African brands making use of social media as a marketing strategy was conducted. The research showed that 91% of these brands were using Facebook, 88% were active on Twitter, and 66% were on YouTube. LinkedIn 63%, and Instagram rapidly increasing from 42% to 62%. With all the great figures and information around social media, the next step is seeing how the tourism industry can implement effective social media strategies that can boost and influence direct bookings. 15 May 2017 Read more

Guerilla Marketing showcases performance-based marketing solutions at WTM Africa
The just-ended World Travel Market Africa 2017, held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, provided a shot in the arm for travel and tourism businesses in Africa. Profitable networking took place between suppliers and buyers who came from all over the world. Being a specialist digital marketing agency for the travel and tourism industry, our attendance at this prestigious event was to showcase our performance-based marketing solutions that build positive brand experiences, foster customer engagement and maximises revenue. 11 May 2017 Read more

Online review management: The secret sauce of successful hotel marketing
Guest reviews management is an integral part of any successful hotel marketing strategy. The reason for this is simple, online reviews influence booking decisions and ultimately, a hotel's revenue. 3 Apr 2017 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa launches its full-service digital agency
Adclick Africa Media & Marketing Group is pleased to announce that it recently launched its full-service digital marketing agency, Guerilla Marketing, at the just-ended Business Day TV SME Summit at The Maslow in Sandton. 14 Mar 2017 Read more

Adclick Africa
The rise and rise of Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa, one of the leading data-driven digital media and marketing companies in South Africa, is a fully-fledged Level 1 BEE company that is set to scale greater heights in 2017. Founded in 2013 by Velly Bosega, the company has been on an upward trajectory for the past four years. 18 Jan 2017 Read more

Lessons learnt from our digital marketing boot camp for insurance SMMEs at Momentum
We had another super exciting and engaging digital marketing boot camp at Momentum offices in Centurion. About 20 insurance SMMEs from all over Gauteng were in attendance. Our mission was simple. We were expected to help them understand the digital marketing ecosystem and how they could leverage inbound methodologies to generate leads, increase sales and retain their existing customers. 2 Nov 2016 Read more

Adclick Africa
Online marketing for small businesses in South Africa
People are now shopping and learning in whole new ways compared to just a few years ago, so as a small business owner you must adapt or risk extinction. I always advise our clients that the internet is the new yellow pages and therefore they should have a compelling online presence if they are to reach the numerous customers searching for information about their products and services. 5 Oct 2016 Read more

Adclick Africa
Performance marketing with Adclick Africa
At Adclick Africa, we are obsessed with results. We believe that advertising is about meeting the campaign objectives of our clients. This mindset has enabled us to consistently deliver on our value promise and we have helped brands like MTN, Standard Bank, Telkom, Unilever, Lexus, Land Rover and Durex to penetrate not only the South African market but the rest of Africa as well. 30 Sep 2016 Read more

Adclick Africa
Ad formats affect campaign results
Not all ad formats are made equal. Some perform better than others and this leads to exceptional campaign results. Marketers should opt for these ad formats that not only help them achieve the goals of their campaigns but also address the challenges currently bedeviling the digital marketing industry. 14 Sep 2016 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa to engage with entrepreneurs at the Small Business Expo 2016
Adclick Africa is proud to announce that it will be taking part at the Small Business Expo to be held at the Ticketpro Dome from 8-10 September 2016. This follows the successful launch of its small business marketing services at Leaderex 2016. 6 Sep 2016 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa launches its SME Marketing Services business unit at Leaderex 2016
Adclick Africa, the leading provider of digital advertising solutions to brands seeking relevant audiences in Africa, launched its business unit that offers affordable digital marketing services to SMMEs in South Africa. 1 Sep 2016 Read more

Adclick Africa
Six reasons why brands and agencies choose to advertise with Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa is a provider of performance-based digital advertising solutions to brands and agencies in Africa. Driven by knowledge of the industry, innovation and a searing passion for achieving excellent campaign results, the company has managed digital campaigns of major brands like Telkom, Standard Bank, MTN, Land Rover, Castle Lite and Unilever. 16 Aug 2016 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa enhances viewability of standard banners
Adclick Africa, the leading diversified media group that connects brands and agencies to premium audiences in Africa, is pleased to announce that its ad serving technology now offers increased viewability on standard banner ads. 14 Jul 2016 Read more

Adclick Africa
SME South Africa hosts a transformative Growth Champions Conference
SME South Africa, an Adclick Africa business unit, recently hosted a power-packed second Growth Champions Conference at Neotel in Midrand on 9 June 2016. The main focus of the conference was to unpack the key pillars of business and the attendant drivers of growth for SMEs. 27 Jun 2016 Read more

Unpacking Africa's first mobile DSP
Adclick Mobile DSP is Africa's first homegrown mobile DSP platform that offers self-serve or managed programmatic advertising services. 3 Jun 2016 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa is growing
Adclick Africa, one of the leading diversified media companies in Africa, is pleased to announce the addition of five skilled and experienced personnel. The recruitment of the new staff reflects how the company has grown over the past year and it is also a manifestation of the company's ambitions in both digital and traditional advertising. 15 Apr 2016 Read more

Adclick Africa
South African commuters: A gold mine for low income marketing
Brands targeting the mass market in South Africa, and clearly in most countries in Africa, can now reach their prospective customers via an engaging and cost-effective channel in the form of transit ads. 25 Feb 2016 Read more

Adclick Africa
Unpacking the future of digital advertising
Digital advertising is on an unstoppable ascendancy in Africa, thanks to the proliferation of affordable smartphones and the rolling out of infrastructure by mobile networks to virgin territories. 9 Feb 2016 Read more

SME South Africa
SME South Africa host its first Growth Champions Seminar for Gauteng entrepreneurs
SME South Africa's SME Growth Champions Seminar 2015 is a series of regional events aimed at providing business owners with insight and tools to enable them to sustain and grow their enterprises. 7 May 2015 Read more

Adclick Africa
Native advertising takes off in SA
Over the past six months native ads have become an increasingly large part of the digital advertising ecosystem, coming in different forms and shapes across publishers. They have brought an alternative to online display advertising, and as the number of publishers surges, the reach of native ad's will continue to grow. 28 Nov 2014 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa Media Group launches Mzansi Post
It has been well documented that the South African black middle class is on the rise and this development has provided the economy with an opportunity for growth. Mzansi Post is an online news portal dedicated to presenting rich and diverse content that will serve this demographic. Mzansi Post reports on breaking news, fashion, music, art, design, technology, politics and sports. 25 Aug 2014 Read more

Adclick Africa
Adclick Africa launches new mobile DSP
Adclick Africa is proud to announce the launch of a mobile DSP serving advertisers across Africa. It's no secret that mobile is becoming the top medium to connect with African consumers and Adclick Africa is leading the way in connecting the African audience on mobile with advertisers. 28 Jul 2014 Read more

SME South Africa
SME SA growth continues - Website re-launch and new editorial staff
SME South Africa, the online news portal for small and medium business news portals is proud to announce it's re-launch and welcomes three new additions. 11 Mar 2014 Read more

Adclick Africa
in-Read video is now available in Africa
AdClick Africa offers in-Read formats as part of their package to advertisers and publishers. This follows the partnership between AdClick Africa and that was finalised this month. AdClick has sole and exclusive rights of the in-Read formats, and the company is looking forward to the great partnership with offers a variety of formats besides in-Read which come with full analytics and reporting. 21 Oct 2013 Read more

SME South Africa
SME South Africa online
SME (Small Medium Enterprises) South Africa is an online SME news site. The portal is dedicated solely to SMEs and covers news, updates and developments that are relevant to SME's. 6 Sep 2013 Read more

Defining a DSP
With so many terms floating around the world of internet advertising it is vital for industry participants to know new media technology trends and how they affect the media landscape in Africa. DSP (demand-side platform) has become one of the buzzwords which needs to be grounded and given true meaning and relevance in the industry. 5 Sep 2013 Read more