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DUO Marketing + Communications is a specialist PR, digital and marketing agency servicing B2B technology companies in sub-Saharan Africa. DUO incorporates PR with digital to deliver results and ROI for clients.
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DUO selected 'Best Tech Focused PR & Digital Marketing Agency – Africa' at GBI Awards
DUO Marketing + Communications, a specialist provider of public relations and digital marketing services to B2B technology companies in Africa, has been selected as 'Best Tech Focused PR & Digital Marketing Agency - Africa' at the 2024 Global Business Insight Awards. 29 Jan 2024 Read more

Best practices for B2B lead generation
Lead generation has become a nuanced art for any organisation, even more so for marketing and communications agencies. Rethinking traditional strategies for effective lead generation is therefore key to becoming competitive in today's digital environment. 28 Aug 2023 Read more

Nurturing growth and embracing challenges: Tips for your journey towards career growth and empowerment
Adaptability and being open to new challenges are the key to success in South Africa's PR and digital marketing industries. Celebrating my first-year work anniversary at DUO Marketing + Communications, where I have recently been promoted to senior account manager, I've had the privilege of being part of a supportive and empowering work culture that has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I would like to share my journey and offer some valuable tips that can help fellow professionals in South Africa's PR and digital marketing industry to navigate their own paths to career growth and success. 26 Jun 2023 Read more

DUO sees strong start to 2023 with another international award and jobs on offer for experienced digital PR professionals
DUO Marketing + Communications (DUO), a specialist provider of PR and digital marketing to B2B technology brands in Africa, has announced the company winning 'Best PR & Marketing Communication Company 2022- Cape Town' at the Media Innovator Awards. 27 Feb 2023 Read more

Culture of trust and niche tech focus sees DUO grow 30% year on year
CEO Judith Middleton unpacks how PR and marketing have evolved and how DUO has created a culture of deep trust. 9 Feb 2023 Read more

5 ingredients to build a business employees want to work in
Anyone who runs a business today will understand how important people are to the success of an organisation. Talent acquisition is only one half of the coin, the other is retention, and so when we consider the great resignation of the post-pandemic world, holding onto key talent is front of mind for any business owner, CEO or C-suite. 5 Aug 2022 Read more

Can you effectively articulate your differentiators? There is training for that!
While businesses have typically engaged in some form of media training in order to familiarise their key stakeholders with having to deal with journalists and tell the brand story, changes in the media industry means that training has had to evolve too. Now, there is a critical need for training to take on a more consultative role, to inform decision-makers about these changes, what it means for their business, and how they can best respond. 20 Jul 2022 Read more

DUO Marketing + Communications adds 3 new technology clients this month
DUO Marketing + Communications, a specialist provider of marketing, communication and advisory services to business-to-business technology companies in Africa, has added innovative locally-grown brands including Analyze Consulting, Parket, and Vastratech to its list of prestigious tech clients. 27 Jun 2022 Read more

DUO starts year with recognition at the Global Business Insight Awards 2022
DUO Marketing + Communications, a specialist provider of public relations and digital marketing services to B2B technology companies in Africa, has had a successful start to the year by being selected as Best Tech Focused PR & Digital Marketing Agency - Africa at the 2022 Global Business Insight Awards. 31 Jan 2022 Read more

DUO gains third international accolade for tech PR and digital marketing
DUO Marketing + Communications, a specialist provider of public relations and digital marketing services to B2B technology companies in Africa, has been selected as 'Best Tech Focused PR & Digital Marketing Agency - Africa' at the 2021 Media Innovator Awards - the third award the agency has secured this year. 11 Oct 2021 Read more

5 key considerations for B2B tech brands looking to scale PR in Africa
While the changes over the past year have created a conducive environment for technology companies with highly relevant products and solutions to thrive, there have also been major shifts in the media that they need to take into consideration when looking to build their brand among a business audience and the broader public. 14 Sep 2021 Read more

DUO secures its second international PR and digital marketing award this year
DUO Marketing + Communications, a specialist provider of PR and digital marketing services to technology companies in Africa, has been selected "Best Tech PR and Digital Marketing Agency" at the African Excellence Awards 2021, building on from being awarded "Best African Tech PR Agency for 2020" in March this year. 23 Aug 2021 Read more

Using PR to build broad brand awareness for Mukuru
Mukuru, a leading money transfer and remittance services provider, approached DUO to help elevate the brand and its offerings in South Africa to relevant high-value audiences, and to establish the company's position as the thought-leaders in money transfer solutions. 18 Aug 2021 Read more

Using PR to build broad brand awareness for Vox among both B2B and B2C audiences
Vox is a market-leading end-to-end integrated ICT and infrastructure provider and telecommunications company - from data to voice, as well as cloud, business collaboration and conferencing tools. DUO has been building the company's brand in South Africa to business, technology and consumer media. This has included profiling the CEO and other key spokespeople to further highlight the company's broad industry expertise. 19 May 2021 Read more

DUO wins African Tech PR Agency of the Year at MEA Business Awards
DUO Marketing and Communications, a specialist provider of PR and digital marketing services to technology companies in Africa, has been selected as the best African Tech PR Agency for 2020 at the MEA Business Awards. 16 Mar 2021 Read more

Exciting start to the year for DUO Marketing + Communications with three new client wins
DUO Marketing + Communications, one of the leading PR & digital marketing agencies that provides brand elevation solutions for B2B tech companies, has announced that they have added three exciting new clients to their already prestigious portfolio. These include The Social Collective (SA), Blackboard (USA) and returning client, Telviva (SA). 24 Feb 2020 Read more

PR builds trust and remains a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal
In a recent online marketing survey one of the questions asked was which sources of information respondents trust the most when they're in the market for a new technology solution. The multiple choice options included online articles; information on the company website; social media posts, recommendations from peers, friends and family as well as videos. 14 Jan 2020 Read more

DUO Marketing + Communications opens 2020 graduate programme for PR industry entrants
Applications for the next intake of DUO's graduate programme, to commence in January 2020, are now open. The programme is aimed at degreed students from the marketing, communications and public relations field, and will provide successful applicants with the opportunity to learn from consummate industry professionals. 10 Sep 2019 Read more

DUO Marketing signs up two new clients
Niche tech PR and digital marketing agency DUO Marketing + Communications embraces August with a boost to its client base by bringing onboard two new clients, INOVO and Social Places to provide them with a range of public relations and digital marketing services. 16 Aug 2019 Read more

Judith Middleton
We all feel it, it's been a challenging year and the outlook is looking uncertain. Businesses are critically reviewing budgets. But this is the time to sharpen your focus and partner with an expert who knows your market. Niche agencies have the ability to be more nimble in an evolving PR market, and offer clients scalable, focused and flexible models of service that delivers impactful PR, with a high return on investment. 21 May 2019 Read more

Judith Middleton
During 2018 we made some significant changes to our internal team structures that have improved our business, delivering greater value to our clients, and a richer and more fulfilling work experience for our team across PR and digital marketing services. 6 May 2019 Read more

DUO Marketing + Communications committed to developing PR and marketing industry talent
Digital PR and marketing agency DUO Marketing + Communications (DUO) launched its very first graduate programme for PR and communications graduates earlier this year and has placed the first of what it hopes are many, graduates. 18 Apr 2019 Read more

DUO launches Graduate Programme for PR industry entrants
Digital PR and marketing agency DUO Marketing + Communications (DUO) has launched a Graduate Programme for PR and communication specialists. 11 Jan 2019 Read more

Want video for your business? Here is the rule book for optimal results
Video has become an important part of any marketing and communications strategy (although it's unlikely ever to displace text entirely, whatever Facebook wanted us to believe). But it can be expensive and time-consuming to produce, so it's vital to be very clear about your goals, and to understand how the process works, if you want to be sure of getting value out of your investment. This is our ten-step guide to being a happy video client: 7 Dec 2018 Read more

The most successful PR and digital marketing tactics for tech companies in 2018
Collective opinions from the Team at DUO Marketing + Communications 13 Nov 2018 Read more

Owning the gap between business objectives and marketing investment
DUO Marketing + Communications launches new Advisory Services Division to help tech companies optimise the gap between marketing activities and return on investment from their spend. 2 Aug 2018 Read more

15 reasons why tech businesses should partner with DUO
DUO Marketing + Communications is celebrating 15 years as a niche tech PR and digital marketing agency in Southern Africa. Our clients range from local, owner managed businesses, to large corporates and multinational clients like Oracle, Wirecard and Huawei Enterprise across their vertical markets. If you are considering a communications partner, here are 15 reasons why we could be the right fit for your business. 24 Jul 2018 Read more

Influencer marketing 101
The popularity of social media platforms to market goods and services for businesses has made the term 'influencer' one of the latest buzzwords in the marketing sphere. In 2018, influencer marketing will continue to be a driving force for businesses looking to expand their audience and enhance sales through social media. 3 May 2018 Read more

DUO expands its capabilities and services with three new appointments in 2018
DUO Marketing + Communications, a specialist B2B tech PR and digital marketing agency, has started the new year with the appointment of three new team members. 22 Jan 2018 Read more

Ensuring your website effectively reflects your brand
While B2B technology companies are increasingly going online to drive brand awareness and potentially generate leads, many continue to be challenged by one of the most basic tools in the digital marketing kit - their website. 8 May 2017 Read more

Judith Middleton
Relationships matter in public relations (PR), and having retained a client for over 10 years is no mean feat! 4 Apr 2017 Read more

Social media marketing: Three trends to watch out for in 2017
While social media may have started off as a means for individuals to connect and engage with others online, the medium's ascension to being a mainstream marketing, advertising and communications platform worldwide means that the way it is used is continually evolving. 3 Feb 2017 Read more

DUO Marketing and Communications scoops 2016 Veeam agency of the year award
Specialist tech PR agency DUO Marketing + Communications has been awarded 2016 Veeam Agency of the Year at the company's annual PR summit held in Amsterdam. 20 Oct 2016 Read more

Destroyed by fire, rebuilt by charity: Harrington House for Children, a community success story
Mrs Elizabeth Barrett's home for children in need, on Harrington Street in Cape Town burnt to the ground in December 2013, leaving her and the 14 children in her care without shelter. "We couldn't save any belongings," said Mrs Barrett. "All I could save was the children." 21 Jul 2016 Read more

Tech PR storming into Africa
Specialist B2B tech PR and digital marketing agency DUO Marketing and Communications welcomes two new clients to its growing portfolio of customers that want to grow market share in South Africa and the sub-Saharan region. 5 Apr 2016 Read more

Leading tech agency joins AfricaCom as media partner in Africa
DUO Marketing and Communications, a specialist B2B Tech PR and digital marketing agency, is joining this year's AfricaCom conference as a media partner. 29 Oct 2015 Read more

Creating jobs and redefining the web design business model
A report released by 'We Are Social' earlier this year found that South Africa has 24.9 million active internet users. While one may shrug that off and say that's disappointing, considering it's less than half the current population, one can't deny the fact that the internet provides access to a huge target audience. This access to potential clients and customers is driving the increased demand for all businesses, including the smaller ones, to have a presence online and a channel to prospective customers 24/7. 8 Oct 2015 Read more

Integrated digital strategies delivering unexpected results for DUO's clients
Specialist B2B PR, marketing and digital consultancy, DUO Marketing + Communications, recently delivered another successful integrated digital campaign for one of its long-standing clients that has not only provided tangible sales, but has exceeded the client's sales target by almost tenfold, and has achieved a strong brand sentiment score too. 17 Sep 2015 Read more

Dubai-based PR agency selects DUO as its Africa partner
DUO Marketing + Communications has signed a partnership with Procre8 in Dubai to become their exclusive service channel for PR clients wanting to expand into Africa. 29 Jul 2015 Read more

Leading tech agency joins VAS Africa and AfricaCom as media partner in Africa
DUO Marketing and Communications, a specialist B2B tech PR and digital marketing agency, is proud to be a media partner for this year's VAS Africa and AfricaCom conferences. 19 May 2015 Read more

Specialist tech companies need a specialist digital agency
Many B2B technology companies in South Africa have yet to fully embrace social media, perhaps believing that it does not give them exposure to the right target audience. Or it might be because they have yet to find the right digital agency that understands who they are and what they do. 18 Dec 2014 Read more

Why marketers should get personal with email
Email marketing is still the most widely used tool in the marketer's toolbox and a key driver of business value, but it should be used in an increasingly sophisticated way to tap into the full power of the inbox, says DUO Marketing + Communications chief executive Judith Middleton. 17 Nov 2014 Read more

DUO scores a perfect 10 in best year yet
Doubled revenues, a Gauteng office, a wide range of new digital offerings, a team three times the size, and an enviable client list are just some of the achievements DUO Marketing + Communications is celebrating at the end of 2014 - a busy but productive year for the niche B2B tech PR and marketing agency. 13 Nov 2014 Read more

PR campaign success is less about the bling and more about the plan
The most critical time in any public relations campaign lifecycle, is the first 30, 60 and 90 days - the time in which you have to go from proposal to delivery mode, with the added impact of excellent and more importantly, sustainable customer service. 6 Nov 2014 Read more

B2B tech agency on growth trajectory
Niche B2B tech agency, Duo Marketing + Communications, has not only added four more accounts to its portfolio, but also five new staff members in a little more than three months. 14 Aug 2014 Read more

Local tech PR agency wins global award for collaboration
Global technology firm Veeam Software has named DUO Marketing + Communications as "Most Collaborative Agency 2013" at its inaugural Global PR Summit in Barcelona. 26 Jun 2014 Read more

Judith Middleton
A decade ago I decided to open a small niche PR agency focused on Cape Town's then-burgeoning technology sector. This year DUO turns 10. Reaching the milestone has given me pause for thought: to take stock of the journey so far, to remember the choices I've had to make along the way, and reflect on how these choices are likely to guide the further evolution of DUO over the coming years. 15 May 2014 Read more

Judith Middleton
The companies we work with tend to be innovative, young and hungry tech companies that are committed to reaching the next step in their growth phase. They value the role marketing can play in helping them achieve this goal. But so often there's a disconnect between the intended importance of marketing and the day-to-day investment of time and energy needed from senior management to make this cooperative process work. Marketing strategies with budgets signed off too often get lost in a filing cabinet or obscure desktop folder, and by the end of the campaign period no one can even remember what was planned. 16 Apr 2014 Read more

Judith Middleton
Building a brand is about establishing a positive, desirable perception of a product, person, service or company. And in the world of brand building, advertising is often the golden child, taking the lion's share of the marketing budget. 17 Jan 2014 Read more

Key technology trends for business in 2014 - and how to market effectively to them
"Whether you are in marketing or IT or frankly any kind of business at all, technology is likely to disrupt your way of doing things in a profound way in the next year. To successfully navigate this challenging new business environment, marketers will have to take heed of a number of key trends and quickly learn how to use them to their advantage." So said Nicola Byers at the recent DUO Marketing + Communications Networking Breakfast. 17 Dec 2013 Read more

Niche tech PR agency expands into Gauteng after 10 years of success in the Cape
Specialist B2B technology PR and marketing company DUO Marketing + Communications announced that it will open a Johannesburg office in February 2014. The announcement comes ahead of the company's ten-year anniversary, which marks a decade of working with some of the most innovative local and international technology companies including Amazon, wiGroup, Vox Telecom and Gartner. 26 Nov 2013 Read more