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about us Making capital markets accessible to all.

Open capital markets are easy to access, simple to use, and transparent. is an institution-grade, multi-sided capital markets platform that facilitates trade in real-world financial assets on the blockchain. has built a platform that bridges the gap between TradFi, (the traditional world of financial and capital markets), AltFi, (alternative finance, a range of traditionally hard to access private capital assets and investment instruments) and DeFi, (the new world of Blockchain technology and Tokenomics), making it easier and more efficient to raise capital and to find and invest in high yield financial assets. has reimagined the capital markets journey end-to-end, and simplified it into an elegant flow, allowing market participants to issue, tokenise, trade, settle and lifecycle manage multiple classes of digital securities at a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional capital markets.

Transforming financial and capital markets forever has transformed the way capital markets are accessed, by removing the traditional barriers to entry, eliminating complex processes, and slashing fees.


  • is a multi-sided capital markets platform: Participants, on all sides of the capital Markets ecosystem, can offer their assets, services and buying power to generate economic opportunities through the Mesh platform.

  • makes it easy for investors to discover and trade any type of asset. Mesh offers investors a wide range of financial assets all in one place, from bonds, stocks, funds and derivatives to stablecoins, and cryptocurrencies. Mesh minimises and simplifies financial markets workflow and secures immutable asset ownership for investors on their own blockchain account. This allows investors to centrally manage their own cross-asset investment portfolios.

  • Mesh.Trade makes asset issuance easy: Companies can issue and tokenise any traditional or alternative financial asset, or create a reference to an existing listed asset on the blockchain, granting issuers both irrefutable proof of ownership as well as secure, immutable transfer of ownership, along with full lifecycle management capabilities for all classes of financial instruments. represents a step-change in the issuance, distribution, transfer and settlement of assets between market participants. It removes the tangle of complexity that has arisen over decades of financial asset product development and distribution.

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